This girl was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. The teacher labeling her as a hopeless case.

However, Alicia Andre, a 12-year-old girl, has now become the world's youngest professional painter. One of her painting was sold for $50,000 U.S. dollars. Everyone called her as Little Jackson Pollock. But not everythings is as it seems...

When Alicia was 22 months of age, she kept crying day and night. Nothing can make her comfort. Therefore, Alica's mother brought her to see the doctor. She was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, also know as a form of autism.

"The doctor said make the most of my time with Alicia, because there really is no hope right now. It was so painful for me"

- June, Alicia mother

Hoping to give Alicia a normal childhood experience. Alicia mom sent her to kindergarten when she was 4. But, a few weeks later, the teacher polity asked to withdraw Alicia's enrollment. 

"Alicia had difficulty on learning and concentrating in class. She was always doodled on the book and table while not paying attention in class. She even had difficulties with social interaction and speaking. Her destructive behavior has negatively impacted the whole class." 

- Janet, Alicia's teacher

Although, the teacher judge her, labeling her "a hopeless case". But June refused to give up on her daugther. Determined, she poured her soul into finding a way to aid her daughter. Getting him to undergo cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), social skills training, as well as medication and supplements. But nothing worked!

One day, June bring Alicia go to her painting workshop. She put a canvas down on the floor and preparing to paint. However, Alicia started crawling on the canvas and started painting. She made the whole workshop and her clothes full of colors. June was angry at first, But after June saw Alicia's works, she was astonished.

"This is the first time i saw her amazing painting. I don't know she has a such talent. This was the first time I noticed that Alicia become really foucs when she was painting." - June. Alicia's mother

Seems that painting can make her concentrate. June started enrolling her to a professional painting class. Professor of Art, Robert Nelson from Monash University was astonished Alicia's first painting class.

"I was amazed by her painting when I saw for the first time. I can't believe she is just an 8 year old girl. Her unique paintings creating a new sensory experience."          - Robert Nelson, Professor of Art

Professor of Art, Robert Nelson from Monash University was astonished Alicia's first painting class. In order to share Alicia talent, she decided to help her debut a painting exhibition.

This making Alicia having her first painting exhibition in Melbourne, Australia.

Alicia's 24 paintings reportedly sold between $4,000 to $10,000 U.S dollar. One of the arylic paiting titled "Birch Forest in Space" from Alicia even sold $50,000 U.S dollar. Nobody expected a little girl with autism to achieve such achievement.

The news have caught attention from Dr. Thomas Stevens, a neurologist with 20 experiences at a world-renowned institute. Initially, he suspected Alicia's painting stimulated her brain abilities. But after visiting the workshop that Alicia usually painting. Dr. Thomas find the real culprit.

It was the scent of Ylang-Ylang.

June loved the smell of Ylang-Ylang and diffused it all over her painting workshop. Therefore, Dr. Thomas request a sample of oil from June for further research and found the answer. 

Ylang-Ylang oil is from Southaeast Asia. Native to the Cananga Odorata tree, Dr. Thomas explains the science behind it:

"Scent is the most effective way to stimulate the brain. A typical scent triggers up to 187 olfactory receptors. True enough, Ylang-ylang's unique scent can trigger up to 565 olfactory receptors. What's more, it has the ability to reach the brain within 22 seconds! Imagine bypassing a congested road, ylang-ylang can help create efficient traffic in the frontal lobes. Leading to improved memory, problem solving and mental clarity. " -Dr. Thomas Stevens, Neurologist

Therefore, Dr Thomas proceeded to reverse engineer the oil. Combined with a specially selected Ayurvedic formula, it managed to produce an even more potent blend of stress-neutralizing properties, ultimately resulting in increased cognitive functions. He called it Youth™.

Dr. Thomas immediately invited June for a test run of the prototype. At the first contact, she immediately felt sharper and more receptive.

“As an autistic person, I have trouble staying focused. Now I feel that it is no longer a big problem to maintain a higher level of concentration. And contain my anxiety attacks. I am able to structure my thought processes much faster than before." - Alicia

Alicia's upward progress continued to amaze everyone. At 12, she had amassed a collection of over hundreds paintings in her home. She also invited to appreal in some famous TV shows programs all around the world. Alicia's artworks have also been affirmed, and been brought to exhibitions all over the world, Making Alicia become the world's youngest professional painter.

"I have my mom to thank for not giving up on me. Youth™ have brought me hope while I'm struggling when I was a child. I hope my story will inspire others that no one is too dumb or old to learn." - Alicia

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