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The Origin of Cats Eye Stone

The cats eye gemstone from the bracelet was believed to be possessing the power from Planet Ketu with intense planetary energies. Ketu is an imaginary but powerful planet in Hindu astrology.

It is the south node of the moon and mythological known as the “Tail of the Dragon”. A benefic Ketu is believed to bring prosperity, intellegence, good health and spiritual height to individuals.

The White cats eye bracelet

Thecats eye stonesattached on the bracelet is believed to bring prosperity and health, bynullifying the negative effects of Ketu, which gives struggle in our life.

The white cats eye crystal also known for its ability topurify individuals. Thus it has the ability tocalmone's emotion, capable tofight off depression, and even has benefits on diseases.

the properties of White cats eye Bracelet

  • Transfers positive energy to the owner;
  • Purify spiritual wealth;
  • Attracts luck and well-being to the family;

As time passes, the bracelet accrue more and more power and strength. Unfortunately, in the modern world, the attitude towards this type of power has been lost and only recently has it regained mainstream attention. 

The bracelet haven’t lost their strength significance and, to make them work, you only need to believe that it can work for you, have faith on it, then it will assist you.


  • You've had bad luck and misfortune for this entire time.
  • You feel sad and low magnetic energy.
  • You want to protect yourself from negative ketu.
  • You are depress and wanted to escape this state.
  • Your business or sales are dropping.
  •  You feel you have your body is less healthy.

If even ONE of the above fits you, you need to click the button below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the bracelet made of?

The White Cats Eye gemstone. 

What makes this bracelet different from the rest?

This bracelet possess the cosmic power of planetary Ketu. Wearing it helps to nullify negative ketu and develop positive ones.

Should I wear it on my left hand or right hand?

Wear it on your dominant hand, the hand that you use to write to activate its powers. This will allow the bracelet to recognize and gather your energy easier.

What if someone else touches it?

Rinse the bracelet with clean water to cleanse out negative energy.

What is the measurement of the amulet?

  • Beads Size: 10mm
  • Wrist measurement: 19cm +- 
Please allow 1-3cm difference as the measurement was manually calculated.

If my family and friends want it, should I buy it for them too?

With our Buy More Save More program, it is a good idea to buy more bracelets to enjoy the extra savings. Experience the benefit of the Ketu energy together with your family and friends.

Our Happy Customers

Thousands of verified reviews

Our Happy Customers

Thousands Of Verified Reviews

Real Energy Assistance

Real Energy Assistance

The bracelet might not immediately start working, sometimes it takes 2-3 weeks, even up to several months, before you will start taking in new luck and opportunities.

You need to always bond with it in order for it to have the power necessary for your enrichment.  Luck will come from everywhere. You can quickly move up the career ladder, win the lottery, or a long forgotten debt will be repaid to you. 

This is your own amulet bracelet so do not give it to strangers. Let it bring you success and prosperity. Good luck!

white cats eye bracelet

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