This 105-Year-Old Neurosurgeon’s ‘Healing Hands’ Can Cure Anything His Patients Bring Him

Published on  april 26th, 2021 | Written by Tyrese Mckenna, senior editor

Dr. Carl Wainwright has a reputation as one of the best neurosurgeons in the world. Having conducted over 10,000 surgeries all without a single fatality, she’s recognized in the medical field for her steady hands and skill at the operating table.

He knows the human brain like the back of her hand and unlike others who long retired from the operating theatre by his age, Dr. Wainwrights’ sharp senses and clear mind always kept him at his best. Which gave him a spotless record without a single fatality despite his age.

"I've dedicated my life to saving others for over 70 years now."

"Even after all this time, my precision is still as good as it was in my prime."

"I did every kind of procedure under the sun for the sake of my patients. And while I may be in my 100s, I don't have plan to stop anytime soon." 

- Dr. Carl Wainwright

It almost seemed like he was godsent to save lives. But behind his remarkable journey is an unexpected and humble beginning.

The Turning Point

Carl was born prematurely after only 30 weeks. In a generation where premature babies rarely survived, he was one of the lucky few that pulled through. 

But his troubled birth left him with a learning difficulty, with doctors at the time saying that Carl would never live a normal life.

Children, adults and teachers around him described him as "slow". Unable to maintain focus and keep up with school, he often acted out and ran around uncontrollably, which left him isolated from other kids his age. 

Some teachers even asked him to be transferred to a special ed school. But through it all, his mother always had faith that Carl was a special little boy, taking things into her own hands and home schooling him. 

"Even when everyone else said what she was doing was useless, my mother never gave up on me."

"When I look back on it,"

 "Everything started changing after that day..." 

- Dr. Carl Wainwright

Finding Hope

Carl's mother had a routine during the weekends, where she'd make some incense using an old family recipe and light it up to relax with Carl by his side. This is the only time when Carl could sit still without fidgeting, calming down and actually paying attention to what his mother was saying. 

"When my mother first noticed my condition improving..."

she was so shocked at the way I was acting, and she knew that something in our tradition caused it." 

"So, she pieced things together and finally found the truth." 

"Behind it all was an old family incense oil recipe that made the difference." 

- Dr. Carl Wainwright

After this, Carl's mother began using the essence on him every day. Massaging it into his temple and continuing to use it as incense. From there, his development was drastic.

His learning speed rapidly increased, Carl able to maintain his concentration for hours on end, without being easily distracted like he used to be. 

By the time he was 10, Carl gained a passion for medicine and distinguished himself as a prodigy with a photographic memory. He could clearly remember the brain's complex structure after just seeing a diagram.

At 23, he graduated from medical school as one of top performance neurosurgeons of the era. And later on became respected as a world-renowned authority in neurosurgery.

Understanding His Change

His amazing life story drew the attention of a neurologist named Dr. William Frankland. He wanted to unlock the secret behind that old family recipe for the world. 

"When Carl gave me his family recipe..."

 I didn't expect how much of an effect it would have on my mind."

"When I monitored my brain activity over the month I used it, and compared it to before I started..."

"I saw that my neurons were more active, making over 30% more connections than before."

"Effectively almost doubling my concentration and focus while speeding up my ability to analyze and make decisions." 

- Dr. William Frankland

Dr William knew that further analysis on the recipe's composition had to be done. And after running tests on its ingredients, he realized the key ingredient was Patchouli Calin

Native to Southeast Asia, Patchouli has long been used in folk medicine. 

"This was a huge breakthrough for us."

"The scent of Patchouli essence extract from leaves have compounds that stimulates brain cells and neural activity." 

"Which has a profound impact on the human brain."

 - Dr. William Frankland


Dr. William worked together with his team to enhance its potency, developing their own special distillation method after years of study which increases the efficacy of the oil by over 120%,

Finally creating something they called Wainyl™.  

 "We think Wainyl™ is the greatest discovery of the century." 

"When used by either scent diffusion or massaged into the temple..."

"It triggers the nervous system to send more oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the brain." 

"Which helps to preserve existing neurons while encouraging the production of new ones."

"Resulting in significantly improved cognitive and mental capacity, along with a longer-lasting memory and heightened concentration."

"This prevents the brain from declining, while bringing latent potential to the surface, ensuring mental clarity and boosting high level problem solving ability."

"All achieved with the help of Wainyl™." 

"I believe that this is a next step for the human mind, and our findings will change the world for the better." 

- Dr.William Frankland

Dr. Carl was one of the first users of Wainyl™. He talk about his experience with it.

"Wainyl™ is simply amazing." 

It gave me the same kind of feeling as our family recipe..." 

"But this was way stronger."

"It made my mind feel fresh, like I haven't aged a day past 20..."

"And I think I could keep on going until my heart stops beating!"

- Dr. Carl Wainwright

Wainly™ Has Helped People From Around the World

During clinical trials, over 98% of participants have reported improved memory and cognitive ability after using Wainyl™.

Since launch, Wainyl™ has sold over 100,000 bottles worldwide. 

Unfortunately, supply hasn’t been able to keep up with demand due to the complex distillation process. Currently only a few hundred bottles remain, with the supplies only expected to be replenished next year.

So get yours now while they’re still available!

"The world is changing fast..."

"We need to be ready to adapt as things happen."

"I hope that Wainyl™ can help everyone reach their full potential." 

- Dr. Carl Wainwright

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