the girl with three minutes memory

Published on  APRIL 4th, 2021 | Written by Madison manchester, senior editor

" I was 24, I had a good job, I'd moved out, I was quite happy. And, and then what?... "

Her memory stopped at her 24th years of life since the tragedy. 

This is Clair. In 2015, Clair was rushed to hospital with serious fever after becoming delusional. She was diagnosed with Encephalitis, made her The Girl With Three Minutes Memory.

She was sent to the emergency when her flat mate failed to wake her up, and her parents, Mark and Penny rushed all the way from Hutton to Woolwich to check her out.

"I got a phone call that said "you need to get here quick""

"Well I've never driven so fast from Hutton to Woolwich in my life." - Mark

They arrived to the hospital with a devastating news. 


Doctor announced that Clair was diagnosed with Encephalitis, an inflammation of the active tissues of the brain caused by an infection or an autoimmune response. The inflammation causes the brain to swell, which can lead to headache, stiff neck, sensitivity to light, mental confusion and seizures.

The worst was that Clair would only be able to remember things within 3 minutes and forgets whatever happened afterwards due to her brain damaged.

When she was hospitalized, not only she lost the ability of keeping short term memory, she could not remember certain long term memories, and she could not recognize her parents at that point of time.

" That's was the worst time of my life. "

" I just couldn't believe she didn't know who I was. "

She spent 72 days in hospital, and though she slowly regained her long term memory, but still suffered from Anterograde Amnesia, which left her no short term memory.

Things not getting better

Clair was discharged after almost 3 months and taken care by her parents. However her life has been tough for not being able to remember the smallest things in life.

She had no choice but to write her daily routine down on a diary and planner, and series of memory training. She could not even do a countdown of 20 correctly.

To make things right, Mark tried everything to help Clair improve her short term memory. From countless prescription, to Recovered-memory therapy, cognitive therapy, nothing worked.

Just when they thought things will not get any worse as it was at its worst, Clair went out and got lost on the street.

Sufferring from short term memory lost, she could not even asked for help.

Just when she was panic and helpless, someone came to help.

A scent that brings memory 

She smelled a relaxing scent from the person, and managed to cool down her emotion.

As she could not remember where she lived, Clair followed the person to his house.

As Clair entered the house, she realized that it was full of scents of a spice over the house. She managed to release tensions, and finally able to tell the street name she's staying.

Clair was sent home safely, and the person who helped Clair was a biomedical researcher, Dr Scott. 

Dr Scott concerned about Clair's condition, and decided to help her out, after realizing that Clair acted differently after getting the scent from his house.

It was the scent of Rosemary.

The Unclin®

Knowing this, Dr. Scott decided to study further on rosemary's properties and effects. He discovered that not only rosemary gives benefits when used as a food spices, but by inhaling rosemary scents, it helps to stimulates brain cells.

Rosemary scent helps to improve cognitive function, overall brain performance, and the best part that would help Clair, improve memory while enhancing mood and calming the mind.

With this knowledge, Dr. Scott created Unclin®.

Dr. Scott uses the state-of-the-art distillation method to extract the purest drops of rosemary oil to create the most effective essential oil of all, which then medically proven to be effective on aromatherapy purposes.

Simply apply it to your temples before going to bed, or diffuse it using a diffuser, the benefits of rosemary would be absorbed into our body through its scent. 

Scent stimulates the olfactory receptors to send information to the limbic system of the brain.

It allows the brain to further develop to the max, at the same time relieve the brain from its damages.

Intelligibility and cognitive abilities are improved, allowing you to cope with complexity or retain longer memories.

On Cloud Nine

Clair was quickly put on a clinical trial with Unclin®. To Dr. Scott's surprise, he found out that in just a week of exposure to Unclin®, Clair's brain performance recovered by another 5%.

" Research always shows that there is currently no treatments that can essentially cure amnesia "

" but our clinical trial with Unclin® has brought a amazing new understanding "

" with intensive olfactory stimulation, though it might not 100% cure Amnesia, "

" However recovering from memory lost is possible through the recovery of brain performance. " - Dr Scott.

Clair's recovery was amazing and she can even practice piano now. She could remember every notes from the songs she is playing. She even started a new life with a job at a boutique.

"She's been working here for over 3 years now."

"I had to keep telling her over and over again at the beginning,"

"But most of the time she gets it right now." - Rachel, Shop Owner

You have nothing to lose, except your pain

Unclin® is the only medically proven essential oil that ease brain damage and improve memory.

You have nothing to lose except your memory!

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