Bewildered Scientists Make Greatest Discovery Of The Century At “Island Of Youth”

Published on  april 26th, 2021 | Written by Arwel Mason, senior editor

For 3,000 years, Nicoyans have lived isolated on the Costa Rica Island known as the “Island of Youth”.

There is something unique about Nicoya.

The islanders live longer than anyone else on Earth and they don’t stop having a good time even when they reach 100!

"It's effortless to reach 100."

"None of us 100-year-olds ever tried to live to be a hundred."

"Longevity naturally happened to us." - Erick Rivera

Right now, a team of scientists is trying to get to the bottom of the Islander’s extraordinary vitality.

A Discovery That Will Change Our Lives

Dr. Richard Besdine has been leading the team to study Nicoya’s oldest residents for almost a year. He explains their surprise finding in an interview:

“We’re seeing patients up to 100 years whose bodies are in much better shape than science can explain.”

“Their bodies are 20 years younger than their age.”

“Most astoundingly, people in Nicoya don’t just live longer, they reach old age without any diseases, pain, or dementia.”

“At the end of the day, that’s what everyone wants.”

 -Dr. Besdine

Tough And Resilient

One of them is 103-year-old Adriana Solano and still shark as a tack. Like many sickened generations of Nicoya living abroad, Solano had returned in search of her ancestor’s wisdom of ancient healing.

“Back in the states, I had a mid-life crisis at the age of 47.

“My health was falling apart.”

“I was obese and dealing with a host of health problems: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.”

“As a last resort, I returned to Nicoya.” - Solano

Today, Solana has reached the 100-year-old mark and is completely disease-free! Now, she is happy to share her ancestor’s time-worn knowledge:

“It’s the simplest and most natural form of healing.”

“People are falling sick because they have been violating the laws of nature.”

“But here in Nicoya, we are surrounded by rich and varied flora and we have a long tradition of folk medicine.”

“Our ancestor’s drank herbal teas like artemisia and fliskouni, especially if they felt unwell.”

“They were the ‘antibiotics’ long before any pharmacies popped up!” - Solano

Nature’s Vanishing Gift

esdineExperiencing the magical teas for himself, Dr. B, who had been suffering from long-term depression and stubborn back pain, witnessed his own miraculous healing by the natural forces of Nicoya.

“If I hadn’t experienced it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it."

“I haven’t felt this alive in years!” - Dr. Besdine

Astounded, Dr. Besdine swore to get to the bottom of his recovery. He proceeded to analyze the herbs that grew wild all over Nicoya. True enough, these herbs were shown to contain higher levels of healing ions compared to elsewhere.

“Nicoya is one of the last untouched places on Earth where the islanders are still able to connect to Earth’s potent reservoir.” - Dr. Besdine

Dr. Besdine knew it was impossible for the whole world to move to Nicoya. Besides, not everyone would have the luxury to do so.

Convinced that he was on the brink of a huge discovery, Dr. Besdine dedicated another year of doing intensive research to extract the healing powers of Nicoya’s herbs and infuse it onto a special health patch. He called it Tinex™.

From Ancestral Wisdoms To Modern Healing

According to Dr. Besdine:

“We are bioelectrical beings."

The basic essence of the human body is electrical charge: Positive (+q) and negative (–q).

Think of your body as a battery. For a battery to work properly, it needs to have a balance of (+q) and (–q) charge. If there is not enough charge, it will run out of power eventually.

Just like a battery, our body needs a balance of (+q) and (–q) ions to function optimally into old age. As we age, our body produces more and more (+q) ions from stress. So, there is a need to rapidly replenish our body with (–q) ions.

The Earth is actually a giant Fountain of Youth. It contains a wellspring of essential negative ions. Unfortunately, urban development has polluted 95% of the Earth and our modern lifestyle takes us far away from Nature at the cost of our health.

We are constantly exposed to the harmful positive ions of EMF waves (cell phones, computers, cell towers, WiFi), chemicals, toxins, pollutants, and ultra-processed food.

Overtime, the accumulation of these harmful positive ions in our bodies will mutate our cells and wreak havoc in our immune system.

“Tinex™ is infused with more than 1000cc of natural negative ions.”

“Even more than what is found in Nicoyan herbs.”

“All you need to do is stick them to the soles of your feet before you sleep.”

“Over night, the powerful healing ions will be absorbed through your pores to help neutralize the positive ion damage in your body…”

“Effectively revitalizing cell metabolism, purifying your blood and enhancing your immune system against life-threatening diseases.”

“Tinex™ essentially reconnects you with the natural healing forces of Earth.” - Dr. Besdine

Reconnecting With Earth

When a first trial of Tinex™ commenced, Dr. Besdine tested it on Solano.

“What a genius invention!”

“It takes all the healing wonders of Nicoyan herbs and puts it into a little patch.”

“It’s even more powerful than drinking our teas as it works a lot faster!” - Solano

In a larger clinical trial with thousands of volunteers around the world, Dr. Besdine found that just 1 night of use could bring FAST and long-lasting pain relief.

Even more astounding was that after 1 month of use, 97.3% of his patients reported better overall health!

One of them was diabetic patient, Patrick Allison:

“I’ve been suffering from nerve damage in my feet for a long time. Walking is painful and even the softest touch to my legs feels unbearable. I was selected for Dr. Besdine’s clinical trial and was given this health patch.”

“It was the most effortless and pain-free treatment of my life.”

“After 1 month, I was able to walk pain-free again! It is so easy to use, I put them on every night and forget it’s there. When I wake up, I feel completely rejuvenated!”

“I am so grateful to Dr. Besdine for opening my eyes to the healing powers of Tinex™.”

Further studies have also shown that Tinex™ improves mood, sleep, and mental sharpness.

A Word From The Wise

“The secret is not only to live until 100, but to have good mental and physical strength till the very end.”

“I hope that now everyone can have our recipe for graceful aging.” - Solano

The official launch of Tinex™ was an instant success! Within the hour, Tinex™ is flying off the shelf. Supply has been struggling to keep up with demand.

Hurry and get yours now before it’s too late. Stock will only be replenished by mid of next year.

Start your journey to a long and healthy life today!