wisdom from the tibetan culture

wisdom from the tibetan culture

the tibetan silver totem  bracelet

the tibetan silver 

totem  bracelet

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How does Tibetan Silver Totem Bracelet work?

First of all, it has an amazing energy potential. In order to gain more wealth and good luck, it needs to be attracted somehow. 

The bracelet combined the wisdom of the Tibetan Buddhism, which are the Totems carved on the silver bracelet. Each of them carries different meaning but with one goal which is to assist its owner.

For it to be more effective, it is better to tell it your wishes and desires. Experts claim that this will increase the potency of the bracelet by several factors. 

The Silver Totem bracelet is to help you achieve your goals. With it you can achieve a fortune of life, wealth, love, happiness and more. 

The totems and the meaning behind

There are basically 4 major Totems on the bracelet and each of them represent different meanings:


In Hindu Buddhism, Elephant is the incarnation of the God Ganesha, while to Tibetan's Buddhism, it was believed that God Ganesha works particularly on bringing wealth.


Based on Tibetan's religion, Fish or any other creatures from water are sacred idol, belongs to the god "Lu" in their believes. In the bracelet, the fishes represent the will and power of "Lu"


The flower carved on the bracelet is the Potentilla (skal-bzang me-tog in Tibetan). In Buddhism, Lotus is the flower of religion, while Potentilla is the iconic flower which represent the will to live, and blossom all over just like Buddhism. It represents the will to live.


Sun represents hope, life, eternity, the bright side, as well as the begining. By having the bracelet, one would be starting off a new life, new begining which full of hope.

the properties of tibetan silver totem Bracelet

  • Transfers the powerful monetary energy to the owner;
  • Prevents evil spirits and bad fortunes
  • Preserves existing capital
  • Gives luck and well-being to the family

As more time passes, amulet bracelet accrue more and more power and strength. All you need to do is make connection with them by telling your wishes with powerful affirmations, and believe that it can work for you. 

How to tell your wishes

The energy associated with wealth is considered to be one of the oldest magics in existence, only known to the generational magicians.

  1. Charge it at night, from Wednesday to Thursday.
  2. Place the bracelet on a piece of red cloth.
  3. Bring it to the open window face toward to Moonlight. 
  4. Think about your wish and direct you mental energy to your amulet bracelet.
  5. Ask God to give the amulet its strength, it will become your staying power.
  6. Wear it on your dominant hand, the hand you use to write.

Take Proper Care Of The Tibetan silver totem Bracelet So It Will Brings Wealth!

You need to look after your bracelet with special care, by following the recommendations. Otherwise,  it might lose its strength.

  • Keep the bracelet always in clean condition, especially totems carved as it can enhance the power of the bracelet.
  • Do not lose faith if the effect does not come immediately, you need patience.
  • Do not allow others to touch it, if it happens, just rinse the Bracelet with clean water.
  • It is possible to pass it on to someone, but there needs to be a right of succession first.
  • As a gift, give a new bracelet that you have imbued with best wishes for that person.
  • Do not abandon the bracelet, always interact with it by touching it frequently, recharging it with your energy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Tibetan Silver Totem Bracelet made of?

The bracelet is made of silver that is carved with different totems on the surface. Each totem carries different meaning and works on different aspect.

What makes this bracelet unique?

This amulet bracelet is specially handcrafted and possess the ability t0 recognize its owner. It will exclusively protects and grants wealth and luck to only its owner, avoid passing the it to other people or touched by others.

What is the image carved on the bracelet?

The images carved on the bracelet are totems that represents different meaning, including elephant, fish, sun and flowers. 

Is it suitable for both male and female?

Yes, the bracelet is suitable for both male and female.

What is the measurement of the bracelet?

  • Radius: 17cm
  • Thick:4mm
  • Weight: 30gm +-

Please allow 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement. 

If my family and friends want it, should I buy it for them too?

With our Buy More Save More program, it is a good idea to buy more to enjoy the extra savings. What's even better is that when you buy for others, you accumulate good karma that could result in better life.

Our Happy Customers

Thousands of verified reviews

Our Happy Customers

Thousands Of Verified Reviews

Real Energy Assistance

The amulet bracelet maybe doesn’t immediately start working, sometimes taking 2-3 weeks, up to several months, before you will start taking in new wealth. 

You need to always bond with it in order for it to have the power necessary for your enrichment.  Money will come from everywhere. You will quickly move up the career ladder, you can win the lottery, or a long forgotten debt will be repaid to you. 

This is your own personal bracelet, so do not give it to other person. Let it brings you success and prosperity. Good luck!

Tibetan silver totem Bracelet

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