Secret Hair grow solution passed down from yao tribe, china

Published on  november 21st, 2020 | Written by Audrey ADMAILEE, senior editor

This man has healthy and black hair that every man desires. In recent interview, he revealed what makes his hair grow thick and healthy from balding.

This solution allowed his hair to grow naturally and keep healthy. He called it a "miracle".

His secret dark, thick hair lies an amazing story behind.

Bald and lack of confident

Kevin used to have a stressful life which caused hair problems. At the young age of 22, he started balding. This made him feel devastated and helpless at that time.

Local trichologist couldn't provide a right treatment for him. He tried every popular hair growth remedy out there but nothing worked. 

His balding was getting worse day by day, and he lost his self confidence in front of everyone. Then, almost by accident, something amazing happened.

luck and fate

During one of his travels, he met a girl from Yao tribe in China.

Her all natural and luscious long hair attracted him. They fell in love, and spent sometime together in the village. For Yao tribe women, their hair is symbolized health, beauty and longevity since ancient times.

"Ever since we were young, we wash our hair with shampoo made of natural chinese herbs."

"Our village's recipe is the reason why we don't have any hair loss problem even at the age of 80."

"We added herbs, ginger and other contents into water and boil them for hours."

In the end, the lady gave him their hair growth recipe that would promote natural and healthy hair growth.

Kevin was excited to try out the recipe. 2 weeks after washing his hair with the recipe, he noticed distinct changes in his hair. New hair started to grow and the gap between his hair were smaller.

Consultation to the experts

He went back to his trichologist, Dr. Richard, and he was shocked by the result. He was surprised as none of his method worked for Kevin's special case, but this secret recipe did the trick.

After analysing the recipe, they found the answer to this incredible solution.

"This all-natural herbal recipe is consisted of wild ginger, fallopia multiflora and other natural herbs."

"It contains high-level of gingerol and linoleic acid,"

"Both of which are potent antioxidant that act as an anti-glycation agent."

"It reactivates hair pigment cells and keeps scalp healthy with their anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties,"

"Which provides an optimal environment for hair growth." - Dr Richard

Dr. Richard knew he was onto something big. He decided to conduct detailed research on this solution.


 With the help of recent technologies and knowledge, Dr. Richard came out with a perfect solution for hair loss.

"While experimenting, I recalled my previous study on ginseng, which is very effective on scalp care."

"As wild ginger has a warm property, the cold property of ginseng can be combined to achieve the balance of minerals."

"With two combined, it acts as a supplement that provide our hair follicles with nourishment"

"Strengthening scalp's well-being and preventing hair loss."

Dr. Richard conducted a series of lab tests combining Ginger extract with Ginseng and the result blew his mind. With the more effective formula, S'tylesh™ shampoo is created.

 new lease of hair regeneration

"When I applied the newly engineered solution to damaged hairs..."

"It repairs almost immediately unlike any other formulas I've seen!"

"Simply massage the shampoo gently into the scalp with a circular motion,"

"By stimulating the circulation of blood to ensure a faster hair growth."

"With continuous use, it effectively protects the scalp from infections and dandruff,"

"Repair damaged hair follicles, prevent hair loss,"

"Yet improving hair growth within weeks."

Amazingly resolved hair problem

S'tylesh™ was tested on 1000 subjects, and over 93.1% reported more healthy and clean scalp with new hair growth by 2nd week.

Since its release, feedbacks from users have been hugely positive. Kevin is one of them.

"Dr. Richard introduced his new shampoo to be used everyday. After a week, I was stunned by what I saw in the mirror."

"I've seen amazing improvement on my hair growth and edges."

"It made a huge difference on my hair type, stronger, and more shiny."

"I regained a whole new confidence I once lost."

"If only I had found S'tylesh™ earlier, my life would be such a treat." - Kevin

Over 140,000 People Have Experienced The Wonders Of S'tylesh™

S'tylesh™ has been very successful since its official launch. As demand remains high for the second consecutive month, the production just couldn't outstrip the beat.

With limited quantities, they sell quickly. Stocks will only be replenished next year.

So, hurry up and get yours now! Having fuller, thicker and healthier hair with S'tylesh™.

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