the ballet couple

"It changed my life entirely! My legs were healed!"

This is a true love story of a couple who grew up as a pair of ballet dancers. Who finally completed their wedding dance on their wedding day. That is the wish of the bride.

Dylan and Lauren are each other's soul mates, and also dancing partners. They dreamt of becoming famous ballet dancers. They spent most of their time practicing ballet. The overtraining finally took a toll on Dylan's leg. 

Ignore his body's signal

The overtraining had his legs pain and numbness at first. Initially, he ignored, until it was getting worse. He found standing difficult due to the severe leg pain. His ballet career was then seriously affected, and this had affected Lauren's performance indirectly.

As a result, Dylan had to rely on a wheelchair in his everyday life.

"The pain wakes me up every night. There was nothing I could do to make it stop."

"I felt worthless as our wedding was getting closer."

"I felt like I had failed as her husband and partner." - Dy

His wife, Lauren wanted to help him to get back on his feet. They tried everything from physical therapy, medication, surgery. But nothing worked in the end. All of the doctors and physicians told him that this would be a persistent pain.

"It's hurtful to see my husband suffer for long periods."

"My body also couldn't handle the intensity"

"And I couldn't stand that there's nothing I could do to help him." - Lauren

coach's experience

Dylan and Lauren were getting desperate. Time and money spent in treatment were to no avail. Seeing all the bills piling up without fixing anything caused Dylan to sink into a deep state of depression. It all seemed hopeless for Dylan to get back on his feet again.

Until one day, Dylan met his coach, William. William used to suffer from the same condition that Dylan had. But William was lucky as he found an effective way to nullify the pain.

"You can still walk and dance well without any help. What's your secret?" - Dylan

"I was like you, never take a break from dancing."

"Unfortunately, my body couldn't take that much."

"My legs had completely given up."

"I couldn't walk and stand well."

"I had done everything and suffered for months, but nothing worked." - William

William picked up his shoe. Then, he took out a "protective layer" from the shoe and said,

"Believe it or not, this is the solution you've been looking for."

"It's called SoFoot™ - just put it in your shoes, the pain will go away."

"I've been using it for years. It gives me the freedom to dance whenever I want."

the SoFoot™

At first, Dylan was skeptical about the efficacy of the "protective layer." But he had to try everything to give his wife what she deserved.

"A few days later, I was able to endure hours of standing."

"In just one week, I was finally able to walk on my own feet again." - Dylan

The best thing happened on Lauren's wedding day.

"I was shocked. I could never have imagined this."

"But there he was, not just standing, but walking towards me!"

"I broke into tears when we had our wedding dance."

"I never thought that this day would come. It meant the world to me."

"It was the happiest moment of my life." - Lauren

After the recovery

Finally, Dylan returned to the embrace of the dance floor. His feet were free from pain, even dancing for a few hours.

Dylan recovered fast. This progress aroused his curiosity. He consulted the professional to seek an explanation.

And, the doctor explained that feet are the foundation of our entire body. They support our body weights, and help us to keep balance. On average, a person would walk approximately 100,000 miles in a lifetime.

But, most people tend to neglect their feet. Over time, it leads to other leg problems: Lower back pain, Foot disorders, heel pain, which affects our ability to stand, walk, or perform a series of movements involving feet. Like a building, without a proper foundation, it will collapse.

That's where SoFoot™ comes in.

theory of SoFoot™

SoFoot™ uses magnetic acupuncture. The magnetic acupuncture method was applied to relieve the pain. Magnets are specially placed at each part of the insole that corresponds to the acupuncture points.

These magnets have an immense ability to absorb foot pressure when you are walking or standing. The forces from the ground are absorbed by your heels and feet each time you take a step. The force is flowing through your feet up to your ankles, knees, hips, and spine, all the way up to your head to relieve the pain, and promote blood circulation.

It corrects your balance and weight through the rest of your foot. It acts as a cushion to enhance comfort, and support to the tissues and muscles of your feet. With sufficient protection, your feet will be in perfect shape.

Not only your foot pain will be relieved, but your overall health is improved significantly too. The doctor encouraged Dylan to continue the usage of the insole.

the happy ending

Dylan is happy and grateful to William for offering him the cure for his pain.

Now, he is preparing for the International Ballet Competition. Nothing can stop him now!

He believed that this insole would help those who suffered the same pain as he did. He decided to share his "Fountain of Life" with the world.

SoFoot™ could be a remedy to those who are suffering in the legs pain.

Like YOU.

"I want everyone who are suffering from leg pain to experience the miraculous treatment that I had."

"So I shared this to help as many people as I can."

You have nothing to lose except your pain!

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