The royal healer of  Japanese Royal Palace revealing the secret of weight management

Published on  april 9th, 2021 | Written by Audrey ADMAILEE, senior editor

Nagisa came from the famous Miyazaki family in Japan and the Miyazaki family have served the Japanese Royal Palace as the royal healers for more than 300 years. Over hundreds of years they had mastered the secret of keeping a slender figure, and now Nagisa is going to reveal their secret with you.

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Nagisa's grandmother was once the lead healer of the family. As her age got older, she wanted Nagisa to continue the family tradition in ancient healing as she is the eldest heir of the family.

But Nagisa wanted to explore the world outside, and so she decided to study aboard and she won a prestigious scholarship from Japan to attend Harvard.

During her study in Harvard, she noticed that quite a number of foreigners are troubled by their body figure due to different lifestyles. During her final year, she moved into a new hostel with a new roommate.

One night, Nagisa heard a soft sobbing sound coming from her roommate. She thought the roommate was just having a bad day and went back to sleep. But the following night, it happened again. Nagisa decided to ask her roommate what was bothering her.

Her roommate told Nagisa that she was body shamed by her friends online due to her large size and no matter what she tried - diet, exercise, slimming pills, none of them worked. Nagisa promised that she would find a way to help her.

The helping hand

A few days later, Nagisa received a package from her grandmother. She then mixed the ingredients followed the instructions from her grandmother and applied them on her roommate daily.

After one week, her roommate started to see positive changes. Nagisa then asked her to continue using it for a month.

"I was surprised as well. She dropped 2 dress sizes in just one month." - Nagisa

Her roommate was so happy and she pleaded with Nagisa to help her family too.

"Her mother was so happy with the result that they came and thanked me personally." - Nagisa

Soon, words about Nagisa's miraculous mixture spread out and people kept visiting Nagisa for help. By that time, Nagisa realized how her family tradition can help so many people around the world.

After she graduated with honors, she flew back home and accepted her grandmother's request to continue the family tradition. Nagisa worked hard to master her grandmother's skills to make a product available for people around the world who struggled with their body shape. Within the first year of launch, over 300,000 units were sold...

"I'm so proud that she decided to come back. I knew she had it in her." - Nagisa's grandmother

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