In "The World’s First ‘Long Hair’ Village", the female villagers deceive everyone with their long hair

Published on  november 21st, 2020 | Written by Audrey ADMAILEE, senior editor

Meet the local villagers who kept their beautiful pitch-black long hair. Most of the female villagers in Huangluo Yao had never cut their hair after their bar mitzvah.

At the same time maintain the preternatural shine and luste of their long hair. On the contrary, in the urban city, our hair will gradually become lesser and turn white along with age.

Huangluo Yao may be perceived as an ordinary Chinese village, but some medical researches be convinced by it holds the key  on the SAVIOR OF HAIR LOSS AND WHITE HAIR. 

The Truth To Huangluo Yao

Dr Sandy, a Trichologist with over 37 years of experience From the world's leading hair specialist center came across this ancient knowledge awaiting to be discovered.

Out of curiosity, Dr.Sandy spent weeks in Huangluo Yao to study the residents' lifestyle and her discovery immediately captivated her.

"I couldn't believe my eye when I first met the eldest female of the village!"

"She still persists the pitch-black healthy and shiny long hair even she's already 98s"

"It was as though her hairs is preserved by time."

"I've NEVER seen such great hair condition in my 37 years as a Trichologist." - Dr. Sandy

The Precious Ingredient, Only Found In Huangluo Yao

Dr Sandy began asking the eldest, Mrs. Li Hui, to find out what might cause this. 

The lady was a farmer who worked strenuously for hours every day since young. Yet, age has no left any traces on her, without white hair or hair loss sign.

"In Huangluo Yao, everyone's lives revolve around the ginger."

"500 years ago, our village had experienced a severe drought"

"Our ancestors found out that they could overcome the difficulties when they were severely lack of water with wild ginger"

"The wild ginger is naturally grow well around our village even under drought stress condition"

"They grinded the ginger to extract its essence and mixed with some local herbs, then applied to massage the scalp and rinsed their hairs with the essences without water"

"Ever since then, we keep the tradition and use the ginger to wash our hairs."

"However, the wild ginger started to appeal the signs of slow growth, so we grind the harvested ginger and turned into ginger oil for future use"  - Mrs. Li Hui

Dr. Sandy’s Encounter Changed Everything

Initially, Dr. Sandy found that's unbelievable. But after a week in experiencing Huangluo Yao's way of life, she was shocked as her hair has becoming more shiny and thicker.

It stuck her then it could've been the use of wild ginger that did the trick.

Dr. Sandy knew right then she was onto something big. There and then, she began to conduct further research

She discovered that wild ginger contains high levels of gingerol and linoleic acid. Both of which are potent antioxidant that act as an anti-glycation agent. Vital in improving nourishment of hair follicles and restoring moisture on hair. Warming and stimulating the scalp circulation, ensuring the hair grows thick and healthy.

"While experimenting, I recalled my previous study on Ginseng."

"Which very useful to prevent erosion of naturally hair color."

"As wild ginger is warm property, the cold property of ginseng can merge with it to achieve the balance of minerals."  - Dr. Sandy

Segine™ – The savior of hair loss

Dr. Sandy conducted a series of lab tests combining Ginger extract with Ginseng and the results blew her mind.

"When I applied the newly engineered solution to damaged hairs..."

"It repair itself almost immediately unlike any other formulas I've seen!" - Dr Sandy

Dr. Sandy then integrated concentrated Wild Ginger extract with Ginseng. With the more effective formula, Segine™ is created.

Just drop it on the scalp, and then massage it for 2-3 minutes until absorbed for twice a day and experience amazing results within a quick 28 days.

 new lease of hair regeneration

Segine™ is a hair tonic infused with concentrated Wild Ginger extract and Ginseng. It act as a supplement that provide our hair follicles with nourishment, strengthening the hair's fibre and preventing hair loss.

By stimulating the circulation of blood to ensure a faster hair growth, and help to reduce scalp infections and dandruff.

It also cleanses the blockage of the hair cuticle that build up by SILICONE. Restore the moisture and allows the active ingredients penetrating to the hair shaft.

Makes hair more manageable, softer and shinier.

The Start Of Something New

The Segine™ hair tonic was tested on 1000 subjects and over 93.1% reported more healthy and clean scalp with hydration by 2nd week.

Since it release, feedback from user have been hugely positively. For 75-year-old retiree Katie Viera, this hair tonic is making all the difference

“When I first discovered Segine™ in my 50s, I thought I was too late, but I was wrong!"

"After a week, I was stunned by what I saw in the mirror"

"I've seen AMAZING improvement on my hair and edges"

"It made a HUGE DIFFERENCE on my hair type, stronger, & more shiny."

"I regained a whole new confidence I once lost"

"If only I had found Segine™ earlier, my life would be such a treat"  - Katie Viera

Over 140,000 People Have Experienced The Wonders Of Segine™

Segine™ has been very successful since its official launch. As demand remains high for the second consecutive month. The production just couldn't outstrip the beat.

With limited quantities, they sell quickly. Stocks will only be replenished next year.

So, hurry up and get yours now! Having fuller, thicker and healthier hair with Segine™

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