Road to become a math genius - Story of Thompson Cameron

Published on  march 26th, 2021 | Written by David cornor, senior editor

Meet 13 year old Thompson. He's been a math genius for as long as he can remember.

Thompson managed to head into university at age 13, after passing his A level with flying colors. He is the star in town, everyone were amazed by his talent.

But no one knows the hardship he experienced behind his success. Thompson's story began in the hospital.

Dead and Alive

When he was delivered, his mother, Mrs. Cameron first received the devastating news, that Thompson was strangled by his umbilical cord, causing his brain to starved for oxygen for more than 5 minutes.

He did not breathe when given birth, the doctors were going to announce him dead. Mrs. Cameron cried and made a prayer, that she would do anything to save him.

With the Lord's mercy, Thompson started to cry, and the doctors were surprised with this miracle.

"It was the best gift the God sent me,"

"and with his mercy, we managed to have Thompson born safely."

"I promised I would love him forever, and whatever happened to him."

Yet another challenge

Everything seems fine, and the family was grateful to have their first kid. Until he turned 3, and his parents sent him to preschool. In few months time, Thompson's father was politely asked to withdraw Thompson from school.

Reason given was that Thompson had a lot of meltdowns during school, he could not get along with other kids and could not get himself focus in classes. He also brought a lot troubles to other kids.

As time passed, it gets more serious. Thompson would cry frequently, and it was very hard to comfort him.

Mrs. Cameron thought something was not right, and brought him to do a thorough checkout. Sadly, the doctors announced that he was affected by ADHD.

"Thompson could not seem to properly control his own behavior"

"He would makes a lot of noise in class, distracting other kids"

"Everyone treated him like a weirdo"

"We have no choice but to send him to a special school, but it was still helpless"

"Though his teachers had given him up, we would never." - Mr. & Mrs. Cameron

the savior

Persistently, Mrs. Cameron put her whole heart into finding ways to help Thompson.

She took him to therapies, behavioral and emotional skills trainings. However, nothing seems to work out. The last resort was to look for a home tutor for Thompson.

That was the time they met Alisa Goulding, his first and last home tutor.

During Alisa's tutoring session, Thompson seems to be able to focus and remain calm. Strangely when Alisa left, he seems to felt distress, and would not want her to leave. 

Alisa then became Thompson's home tutor for the next few months. And he started to show interest in math.

In just 3 months time, Thompson would be able to solve a 6th grade math. Everyone was surprised to see a preschool child to be able to solve 6th grade test. Astounded by this, his parents brought him to see their family doctor.

They ran an IQ test on Thompson, and to everyone's disbelief, the result shown he has an IQ of 190, and it is still growing!

Their family doctor, Dr. Davis was stumped by Thompson's progress.

Out of his depths, he referred Thompson to a renowned neuroscientist.

finding the real culprit

Dr. Marvin is the best in his field, and has 30 years of experience in researching the brain.

 "We first suspected it was the home tutor's teaching method that works."

"However through a deep interview with Ms. Alisa prove the prediction wrong."

In search of the answer, Dr. Marvin decided to have a house visit. Out of Dr. Marvin's surprise, they found the unexpected culprit. 

It was the scent of Scenture™. An essential oil with the scent of vetiver given by Miss Alisa. Mrs. Cameron would diffuse it all over her study room.

"Scent is the most effective way to stimulate the brain."

"A typical scent triggers up to 187 olfactory receptors."

"However, Scenture™'s unique scent can trigger up to 565 olfactory receptors."

"What's more, it has the ability to reach the brain within 22 seconds!"

"Imagine bypassing a congested road."

"Aceroma™ can help creating an efficient traffic in the frontal lobes."

"Leading to improved memory, problem solving skill and mental clarity." - Dr Ma

The Scenture™

Thompson was quickly put on a clinical trial with Scenture™. To Dr. Marvin's surprise, he found out that in just one week of exposure to Scenture™, Thompson's brain performance had increased by 5%.

"Research has always shown that our brain ability is determined by the age of 5,"

"But our clinical trial with Scenture™ has brought a amazing new understanding"

"with intensive olfactory stimulation."

"It is possible to boost brain performance at all age." - Dr Marvin

route to become the great mind

Today, Thompson is already a 13 year old teenager. His incredible development continued to amazed everyone. He became the youngest person to receive a Cambridge scholarship. And he is taking his degree in such a young age. His parents was excited to share their story.

"He was once a dying baby, and was given a life by God"

"When everything seemed fine, he was then given another challenge."

"We were glad that we did not give him up."

"As I remember my promise, I would love him forever, and whatever happened to him." - Mr & Mrs Cameron

Despite being a math genius, Thompson remains down-to-earth.

"I have my parents to thank for not giving up on me."

"When I grow up, I want to be the next Newton."

"I would use my strength in math to bring more convenience to people around the world."

"I hope my story will inspire others that no one is too dumb or old to learn." - Thompson

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