the unconditional love of a father who finally granted his daughter's best wish on her wedding day

Published on  march 23th, 2021 | Written by Audrey ADMAILEE, senior editor

"Lauren always dreamed of having the perfect wedding, and I almost screwed it up. It's the worst thing that I could've done to her."

78-year-old navy veteran, Thomas Walsh, was a receiver of the Navy and Marine Corps Medal. During his service, Thomas spent most of his time on the sea and living on the sea somehow caused problems to his legs.

All these took a toll on his body in later years, he wasn't worried about it at first, but it got worse after his retirement, causing severe leg pain that he had trouble standing up. As the result, he was forced to rely on a wheelchair for his life.

"The pain wakes me up every night, there was nothing I can do to make it stop."

"I felt so worthless as my daughter's wedding got closer."

"I felt like I had failed as her father."

His daughter, Lauren, wanted to help him to get back on his feet. They tried everything from physical therapy, medication, surgery... but nothing worked in the end. All of the doctors and physicians told him that the pain is going to follow him to his last day.

"It's really hurtful to see my dad suffered like that, and I couldn't stand that there's nothing I could do to help him."

Thomas and Lauren were getting really desperate. All those time and money they put in to chase the pain away were to no avail. Seeing all the bills piling up without fixing anything caused Thomas to develop several depression. It all seemed hopeless for Thomas to get back on his feet again.

The helping hand 

Until one day, Thomas's old navy comrade, William, offered his help. William used to suffered from the same disease that Thomas had, but William was lucky as he found an effective way to nullify the pain in Okinawa, Japan.

Okinawa is the healthiest island in the world. Two-thirds of those who reached 100-year-old were still living independently at the age of 97. The people in Okinawa have a special way to deal with body aches.

When one of them suffered from body ache, they will bath in the sea water for sometimes, and slowly the pain will disappear. Over time, people from outside of the island are attracted to the hearsay of the magic sea water, which excel in pain relieving.

Soon, they discovered the secret behind the cure of their body pain.

The secret is the salt..

The salt in Okinawa sea water able to give relief on painfulness. To prove that, the local Okinawa dissolved the sea salt and soaking in warm water bath and magically, their aches and pain just drift away.

This is amazing, and they started making it into soups. Mixed it along with the natural herbs found in the island.

Just by using the soap as a regular soap and scrub it on the aching area, or dissolving the soap in warm water and get a spa-like bath. They noticed the remarkable pain releasing effect of the soap.

This is when the world-changing soap is created...

“ William handed me this soap he called Relief™ Soap and said it will help. Though I was skeptical, I strapped it on as gesture for his kindness.”

“I was unconvinced from the start, but my daughter advise me to try. So on that day onward, I use it to shower and rub it over my knee." 

"Amazingly, after 1 time used, most of the discomforts were gone! What happened next was nothing short of miracle.”

In just one week, I was finally able to walk on my own feet again." - Thomas

The best thing happened on Lauren's wedding day...

"I was shocked, I could never had imagined this. But there he was, not just standing, but walking towards me!"

"I broke into tears when we had our father-daughter dance. I never thought that this day would come, it meant the world to me. It was the happiest moment of my life." - Lau

The secret of the salt crystal

In doubt, Thomas consult a doctor about the theory behind.

"The Okinawa salt are actually the magnesium sulfate salt-like crystals!"

"Magnesium deficiency is linked to headaches, joint pain, arthritis, back pain and many other common health conditions."

"Magnesium can lead to endorphin release."

"Endorphins are important in reducing pain and enhance pleasure."

"That's why when the Okinawa salt dissolve in the water, the Magnesium ion is absorbed by the skin into the muscle and treated the chronic pain of the body." - Doctor

The doctor explain to Thomas and he was happy that Thomas found an answer to treat his chronic pain.

Fountain of Life

Thomas felt that this soap will be able to help a lot of people out there who suffer the same condition as he did

Then he and his daughter flew to Okinawa, gotten the recipe from the local, and starts to manufacturing the soap... 

perfect solution for elders

Relief™ Soap is the perfect solution for elders with chronic pain like Arthritis, Back Pain, and even migraine.

Furthermore, many competitive athletes also used this Painheal™ Soap to speed up their recovery from body pain.

"I just wish someone had told me about this sooner."

"So I create Relief™ Soap to help more people with chronic pain problem." - Thomas

No harm to give it a try.