the once abandoned world’s Youngest pHD holder

Published on  december 1st, 2020 | Written by Audrey ADMAILEE, senior editor

Meet Andy Reynard, the reincarnated Einstein. At age 19, he currently holds the title 'First Doctorate Kid in Neuroscience' with the IQ of 230, surpassing 99.98% students around the world.

However things were not as smooth as what we see. Andy had one of the toughest childhood days.

He was once on the news, that he was abandoned as a baby by the riverside at a month old.

Diagnosed with Disease

He was lucky enough to be found by Mr. and Mrs. Reynard, who was then his adopters. Mr. and Mrs. Reynard longed for a child of their own but could not conceive all these years. Yet, even with all their love and care, they did not see the worst coming...

Slowly they noticed that Andy kept crying day and night, and nothing they did could comfort him. Out of distress and concern, they brought him to see the doctors. Mr. and Mrs. Reynard was told that Andy has been affected by Hydrocephalus.

"It is a condition which an abnormal buildup of fluid in the ventricles deep within the brain "

" This excess fluid causes the ventricles to widen, putting pressure on the brain's tissues "

" It is a chronic condition, particularly to infants and adults of age 60 and older " - Doctor

Fortunately, Andy was brought in just in time. They performed a surgical insertion of a drainage system, called a shunt To keeps fluid from the brain flowing in the right direction and at the proper rate. 

The surgery was a success, but what lies behind the effect from the Hydrocephalus was still unpredictable, Andy's parents were told to observe his condition.

The troubling Aftermath 

Though the surgery went smoothly, and Andy had a second chance in life. But the damage in Andy's brain has been done.

Throughout his elementary school days, he had a hard time with studies. He was always distracted and had trouble focusing. Often, he would be in a daze, and occasionally, he would have seizures.

Because of this, he was constantly picked on and outcasted for being abnormal. Even the teachers had lost hope in him. Despite his poor results and distractive behavior which affected other students, his parents never gave up on him.

"We may not be his real parents."

"But deep inside our hearts, he will forever be our baby boy." - Mr. Mrs. Reynard

They tried all sorts of methods to improve his focus. From Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), social skills training, Coupled with prescribed medication and supplements. They even hired multiple private tutors, but none could handle Andy, none of them worked, until they met Clarise Timber...

Turning Point of Andy's life

Clarise was one of Andy's home tutor and the last one. When she started tutoring Andy, he became calmer. His parents were surprised to see drastic changes in him. For the first time, he was listening to Clarise intently as if he was concentrating

Everyone was searching for the reason behind the success, and asked Clarise about the answer. Turns out, it was the Geranium scent coming out from her diffuser

"Whenever I smell it, I felt more relaxed and focused."

"Since then, I manage to learn things very quickly."

"I was literally like a sponge, soaking up everything I see."

" It felt like a part of my brain has been opened up " - Andy

Seeing how Andy managed to gain focus, Clarise decided to give Andy a bottle of it. In just couple of weeks, Andy kept getting better and better in his studies, and he was finally in the top of his class when he aced all his subjects. 

Puzzled by all these past events, Clarise brought Andy for an IQ test, and the results astounded everyone.

power of geranium

Andy recorded an IQ of 230, placing him in the top 1% of the world! His extraordinary feat did not stop there. He eventually went on to Harvard at 15, majoring in Neuroscience. Andy earned his PhD at the young age of 19!

This news caught the attention of one of the world's renowned neuroscientist professors, Richard Howard, who quickly accepted Andy as his protégé. He was intrigued by how Andy could make it this far despite his compromised learning abilities. And so, the both of them decided to investigate further on the bottle given by Andy's tutor, and finally found the answer.

" It was Geranium all along! "

" Geranium is a Pelargonium species native to the Northern Provinces of South Africa "

" It contains a high concentrations of Citronellol "

" Which inhibited nitric oxide production, reducing inflammation and cell death in the brain "

" And exhibits the highest antioxidant effect "

" Combating oxidative stress and regenerating brain cells "

" Ultimately protecting the brain against age-related cognitive decline "

Andy and his mentor knew they were onto something big. So they decided to conduct detailed research, and finally, with the help of state-of-the-art technologies...

The Prislm™ 

They managed to condense Geranium into its purest form, creating an amplified formula which is 10 times more effective than the original. They named it Prislm™.

Dr Richard explains the science behind it:

" A human has approximately 400-450 different olfactory receptors responsible to trigger cerebral receptors "

" Speeding up neuron responses and communication signals, which impacts our thinking processes "

" Prislm™ has the ability to maximize the potential of our olfactory bulb "

" Packed with the highest quality of antioxidant properties "

" It acts as a catalyst that stimulates the olfactory bulbs linked to the cerebral cortex "

" To provide substantial enhancement in focus and memory capacity "

Andy was the first to test it out, and it blew his mind.

" I can't believe it actually worked wat better compared to the one given by my tutor! "

" My focus time span increased from a couple of hours to one whole day! "

" I could even process lab results quicker and more accurately than before! " - Andy

saved thousands around the world

Not only Andy, other clinical trial patients reported tremendous cognitive improvement. One of them is Dean Gomes.

" I'm often overwhelmed with work and make tons of mistakes "

" But ever since I started using Prislm™ "

" Not only my memory and multi-tasking got better "

" I can now concentrate for one whole day without getting tired "

" I even got promoted for my outstanding work performance! "

Ever since the official launch of Prislm™, people worldwide have achieved greater heights in mental clarity.

" I hope that through this... "

" Many others who are having the same problem I once had "

" Are able to break out from their mental struggles "

" And live a happy, fulfilled life "

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