the 81 year old mountain climbing challenger

Published on  APRIL 4th, 2021 | Written by Madison manchester, senior editor

" The challenge was to climb all the 3,000 feet Scottish mountains..."

Meet Brandon Coleman, an 81-year-old mountain climber.

At this age, he is working his way through the challenge he prepared for himself, and the reason behind this challenge is heart-breaking.

His wife got Alzheimer's 4 years ago and when he couldn't look after her 2 years later, he got himself a challenge to refocus in his life.

"It had to be a challenge that would last some time."

"The challenge was to climb all the 3,000 feet Scottish mountains."

"There's a list of them, and they're called 'Munros'."

Brandon had set his goal to conquer all of the 'Munros', which consist of 282 mountains in honor of his wife.

Challenge within his challenge

However, it wasn't a smooth sailing for Brandon. He faced his share of challenges on his journey. The physical and psychological challenges took its toll on his health.

After his 12th climb, he was suffering from vascular pain on his legs due to contracting of blood vessels from all the climbs. 

The doctor warned him that he had to stop climbing, or he will be rendered inability to walk. But Brandon wasn't ready to stop just yet.

" I had to find something of this type, otherwise I'd have had mental problems. "

" Mental health problems I know that. "

Losing his wife due to her disease was devastating for him.

" And here we are on our wedding day. She's extremely quiet. "

" We never argued, we both liked a very quiet life... "

" And that is why we move north to a remote place in the highlands. "

Life Savior

Brandon's touching story were shared on social media, and caught the attention of an expert physiologist, with over 30 years experience, Dr. Bobby Harper.

Dr. Harper was amazed by his story, and wanted to assist Brandon complete his challenge. He started to search for ways to help him, and accidentally discovered the longevity of the people in Ikaria, Greece. 

Ikaria is a tiny island in the Aegean sea, known as a blue zone, A special place where life expectancy is much higher than the rest of the world. His curiosity piqued, decided to travel to Ikaria to learn more. What he found there intrigued him.

" Everyone there works hard to ensure the well-being of the island. ”

" What’s amazing is even those in their 80s work as hard as the young. "

" But they also don't forget to relax and enjoy their lifes. " - Dr. Harper

Dr. Harper wanted to know their secret to be so energetic even at their old ages. According to the local doctors, the secret seems to be the herbs that grow on the island.

" People here eat a lot of greens, leafy vegetables and herbs, which contains a lot of nitrates. "

" The nitrates help to soften the blood vessels and that could, for example, lead to you getting more oxygen in the brain... "

" ...and better healing of wounds. " - Local doctor

Dr. Harper was also shown a traditional method of Ikarians to cope with their body pains, which is to crush a mixture of herbs from the island and put them into the sole of their shoes.

At first, Dr. Harper was skeptical that such a simple method could be so effective, so he decided to try it for himself. And the results astounded him! He found himself more energetic and his aches and pains were virtually non-existent.

A Miraculous traditional prescription

" Within the first few days, all my pains faded. And after a few weeks, I found myself energetic even after a busy day. "

" There’s a new spring in my step that I haven’t had since my 20s. "

Believing he was on to something, Dr. Harper brought together a team of experts and analyzed the local herbs. To their surprise, the local Ikaria herbs contain higher nitrate and antioxidant than herbs from any other place on earth.

" The high number of antioxidant from the herbs significantly increased the effectiveness to fight inflammation, "

" Improve blood circulation and soften the blood vessels. "

" It also helps relieving pain and tension in joints, "

" While repairing the damage between joints and bones, "

" Thus recharging the body with new energy. "

Understanding the fundamental principle behind this, Dr. Harper and his team were able to create a foot patch that produced effects superior to the local herb mixture.

He called it OxiHerb™.

The OxiHerb™

Dr Harper explains on how it works:

" Just patch it on your foot before you sleep, and let it do its magic. "

" All the essence from our herb fomular will be absorbed through your feet, which is the most effective way. "

" It will helps to improve your blood circulation and relieve the tension accumulated in your body, "

" And after a good night sleep, you will wake up in the morning feeling fresher than ever, "

" And gives your energy levels a much-needed boost. ”

Dr. Harper tested it on 1000 volunteers worldwide, including Brandon. After trying OxiHerb™ for a week, 94.8% of the volunteers reported immediately relief, regardless of what their health problems were in the first place, and it works especially well for Brandon!

most effective treatement

Aftera month's treatment with OxiHerb™, Brandon is now freed from the suffering of his vascular pain, and continues on his journey to complete his challenge. He can now climb mountains even easier than before, all thanks to Dr. Harper's help and OxiHerb™.

" I just happened to be chatting to other climbers. "

" And I just happened to mention what OxiHerb™ was doing, for this challenge, "

" And they couldn't believe it. "

" Climbers just couldn't believe it, they were amazed. "

So far, Brandon has currently successfully climbed 156 of the Scottish mountains, and he is continuing for more.

" There's something special about mountains, "

" Exactly what it is, I don't know. "

" It's some undefinable thing about it. "

" Once I arrive, then it's immediate. "

" Any other problems seem to disappear into insignificance. "

You have nothing to lose, except your pain

Since the official launch of OxiHerb™, people worldwide has been benefited from it, and lives a better, more energetic life than ever.

Unfortunately, the supply of the herbs are limited from the Ikaria island.

Currently there are only a few hundreds sets of limited OxiHerb™ foot patch available for purchase.

The next supply will only arrive around middle of next year.

Don't hesitate and get your Oxiherb™ now while it is still available, and acquire a new energy you had never felt in you.