Village on the cliff

Published on  march 12nth, 2021 | Written by Audrey ADMAILEE, senior editor

This is the village by the cliff, nestled deep in the DaLiang Mountain of SiChuan, China. The villagers had to walk, climb and crawl 6 challenging miles to the nearest school everyday. Risking their life for a chance of better future.

Since it’s so far away, they start their journey before the sun is up. It begins with covering miles of rocky terrain on foot, then crossing a 400ft-long suspended bridge and scaling 800ft-high cliffs. Last, they’ll brave rapid rivers before ending the journey on proper roads.

Despite being dangerous, the people from the village of the cliff have been doing this for years. The elders guide and sometimes carry the kids to keep them safe. The struggle is the only way.

one and only way for better future

It’s a daily struggle, but it’s the only way the kids can get a better future

“We know that this walk may be long and terrifying, but it is necessary for the younger generations to be educated.”

“During our time, we did not go to school.”

“As most of us are born and raised as farmers, when bad weather and conditions hit."

"We head to the city to look for jobs, but we never find one because we are not educated, that's why we still farm.”

“Most parents become migrant workers to support their family."

"They worked menial jobs because they are also not educated.”

“That’s when we realized the importance of education for our kids.”

"So they can have an easier life when they grow up." - a village elderly

With majority of them being children, the children’s effortless journey piqued Dr. Dickinson’s interest.

Explore The Villagers' tradition

Dr. Dickson is a researcher in anthropology. He spent 12 years studying people’s way of life in rural areas all over the world, but nothing fascinates him more than the people of the village of cliff.

Dr. Dickinson quickly discovered why they’re dubbed 'The Endless Walkers'.

"It is interesting that despite being children, it seems effortless for them to complete the journey."

"Conquering long routes, and even risking their life climbing mountains." – Dr. Dickinson

After weeks of research, he stumbled upon their secret.

The Origins Of An Ancient Knowledge - Tang dynasty

"Most of them had their legs, particularly knees, wrapped in cloth."

“It contains a blend of 2 local rare herbs harvested from the wild.”

"Widely known as Wormwood and menthol, both believed to boost endurance and accelerate healing for worn out joints."

"I was stunned when I found this as an ancient remedy." – Dr. Dickinson

The villagers claimed that it is an age-old treatment passed down for generations and his findings suggested there may be more to its origins.

“The discovery of this ancient remedy dates back to around 626-649 AD.”

"Founded by the wisest emperor in history, Emperor Taizong of the Tang dynasty."

“His solution ended his soldier’s pain from prolonged walks.”

“In return, Emperor Taizong has since won countless battles effortlessly, all thanks to an increased endurance which created stronger footmen.” – Dr. Dickson

Emperor Taizong’s remedy has long been used even in Japanese medicine to manage inflammation, and promote joint recovery for long hours kneeling.

The OmariHB™

Dr. Dickson wanted to help share this to the rest of the world. He reengineered villager's leg wrap into a smaller, more practical, and improved version.

He call it the OmariHB™ patch.

OmariHB™ reduces joint swelling and inflammation at a cellular level. Composed of wormwood and menthol extract, these organic ingredients are infused into our joints to boost recovery, and promote tissue growth for cartilage repairs.

Wormwood has been proven to be effective on curing inflammation and prevent or cure arthritis. Menthol on the other hand helps to relieve sore and pain on the joint instantly, and relax body muscle.

Both have been famously used to treat arthritis, tendonitis, and other injuries. Simply stick it onto your knee, and its herbal contents will flow into your joints to relief pain and strengthen your legs.

A Significant Difference Made To Thousands Worldwide

OmariHB™ was recently made available to the public and the response has been overwhelming. Many experienced pain relief by using Kneeplus™. And for 73-year-old retiree Kathy Jackson, this patch is making all the difference.

“Since I turned 60, I started experiencing all these aches just by standing.”

“That’s when I found out I have osteoarthritis and it hurt my knees terribly.”

“I was unhappy, the pain was ruining my life, and I was only 60!”

“After using Kneeplus™, I finally had my first painless walk in years!”

“Now I'm as active as I was in my 20s!” – Kathy

Time waits for no one

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