the man who loved the number 12

Published on  APRIL 4th, 2021 | Written by Madison manchester, senior editor

James was suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Due to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, he was trapped in a world of endless order and repetition, where each day is spent with the same ritual placing of objects and counting in 12s.

He can spend 18 hours a day in ritual, and repeated this in the past 40 years.

His parents used to take him to treatment when he was young. He was afraid to tell them the real condition of his sickness to the doctor and parents.

He pretended that he had recovered, because of the torturing treatment process. 

Over time, he has become accustomed to his situation and even the "12th ceremony". His condition places a huge strain on him and his family.

the 12th ceremony

His things have to be arranged precisely in their special place. He believes his compulsive rituals of order symmetry and counting will keep his family safe from harm. His behavior had torn family life apart.

Once, the family decided to take a trip. But James is the opponent. He dared not to move the suitcase in the room. He always assumed that misfortune is happening. If someone moved his things, they're in danger.

James checks everything in the house before going out. When he was outside, he worried about everything in the house. He even performed rituals and counted in 12s for everything he bought.

He used to pray for frozen foods, bags, and even clothes at home. He assumed that everything brings danger, full of viruses and evil. By performing rituals, it reduced his fears and anxieties that fuel his compulsive behavior.

A strange behavior, a strange person

Everyone looked strangely at him. While others stayed away from James, only his wife never gave up on him. She motivated and encouraged him to face the issue.

For his wife and children, he got his foot in the door. So, James tried to look for the remedy by sharing his problem online. The netizens were very touched by his story. They helped to spread it further. 

the smell of ocean

Dr. Bolden came across James's story. So he invited James to his home to learn about his situation. 

Dr. Bolden is a biomedical researcher living in the village. He was studying aromatherapy. His house was full of the smell of "ocean".

As James entered the house, his mind released tensions. He felt relaxed. It helped to calm his anxiety and fears.

"When I smelled it, I felt fresh, and my mind was calm."

"I feel the peace I have never had before."

"When I get home, I feel like a new man."

Seeing how the aroma helped James, Dr. Bolden decided to continue his study on the aromatherapy and its effects. He discovered that oil, which explains its characteristic odor that stimulates brain cells.

It helps to improve cognitive function, overall brain performance, and memory while enhancing mood and calming the mind.

With this knowledge, Dr. Bolden created Ocean™.

The Ocean™

Apply it to your temples before going to bed, drop it in an oil diffuser, or add it to your bathtub.

The smell stimulates the olfactory receptors to send information to the limbic system of the brain. It allows the brain to further develop to the max.

Thus, intelligibility and cognitive abilities are improved, allowing you to cope with anxiety or emotional instability.

As part of the clinical trial, Dr. Bolden gave James a vial. James uses it everyday. He drops it in the diffuser. 

Since then, James's compulsive behaviors reducing steadily. By stages, there is no ritual and counting in 12s.

"I am no longer overthinking. And, worry about things I can't control."

"I can finally go out and relax with my family."

"My life has gradually back to calm and stable."

"Dr. Bolden told me that I had fully recovered. And, I looked relaxed and happy."

"Thank you, my wife, for never giving up on me."

"Without Ocean™, I wouldn't be who I am now." - James

You have nothing to lose, except your pain

Since its official launch, millions of people around the world have already experienced the benefits of Ocean™.

Don't let fear control your life. You have nothing to lose except your happiness!

Apply Ocean™ ​​to keep your mind clear.