18-Year-Old Aeronautics Doctor Builds Her Own Aircraft To Commemorate Her Grandfather

Published on  april 26th, 2021 | Written by Ashlee Travis, senior editor

A plane crash caused one death and one seriously injured. After 10 years, the survivor, Miyaa became an Aerospace Ph.D. Graduate and built an airplane to commemorate her late pilot grandpa. But Miyaa's success is not what it seems. At a young age, she went through a traumatic episode that would change her life forever.

"I was raised by my grandparents after my parent got divorced."

"My grandpa was a pilot and the kindest and most loving man." 

- Miyaa

Every year on her birthday, Miyaa would look forward to flying with her grandpa. But on her 8th birthday, her grandpa said no.

"The weather conditions aren't good, honey." 

- Grandpa Miyaa

"But you promised, grandpapa."

- Miyaa

After throwing a tantrum and begging her grandpa, he obtained special clearance to fly from air traffic controllers.

On the top of the world

"I was soaring! Flying was my favorite thing in the world."

"Suddenly, we were totally blinded by thick fog."

"I froze in complete and utter fear."

Miyaa's grandpa had to make a quick emergency landing. Without enough visibility, The plane crashed on a hillside.

"My grandpa died on the spot."

"He saved my life by shielding my body."

"He would still be here if he didn't save me." 


Nothing was the same again...

Miyaa was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. Luckily, she would heal from them. But the traumatic incident and her grandpa's death left a mark on her

Not only she wrecked by survivor's guilt, she started having nightmares and terrifying flashbacks of the accident. She had trouble focusing in school and fell behind hopelessly. 

Her principal called her grandma in to recommend homeschooling as Miyaa's panic attacks were disrupting her classmates and teachers. 

Grandma refused to give up on Miyaa and took her to any therapy and art sessions with the hope that she could recover one day. Despite all the efforts, Miyaa's panic attacks still happened.

Soon, Miyaa's grandma was overwhelmed by the mounting medical bills. She had no choice but to stop Miyaa's therapy sessions.

Until one day...

One day, Grandma Miyaa's friend, Maria came to visit. The house was filled with the soothing scent of Maria's perfume, and Miyaa instantly changed.

"I was surprised! For the first time since the accident, Miyaa was much calmer."

"It was like she was a new person." 

- Grandma Miyaa

It turned out that Maria was wearing a homemade peppermint perfume oil. Intrigued, Grandma Miyaa asked for a bottle of Maria's homemade natural perfume.

She began to massage the oil on Miyaa's temples for 10 minutes every day. Surprisingly, Miyaa began to show signs of improvement. She stopped having nightmares and was finally able to pay attention during her studies without panic episodes.

The Miracle Didn't End There

Miyaa's tutor noticed that he was suddenly able to learn things much faster. 

"She began to be able to assimilate complex mathematical models with ease. It was incredible!" 

- Mrs Wesley

The development of Miyaa is unprecedented. Completed entire modules much faster than the average student. Moving up to the top 0.01 percentile, she finished high school at age 15!

Soon after, she was offered a scholarship to study Aeronautical Engineering at Mississippi State University (MSU) and completed her PhD in a record time of 3 years!

She even built an entire plane on her own to commemorate her late grandfather.

The Hidden Potential of the Mind

Amazed by Miyaa's abilities, Dr. Carl Wright from the MSU Department of Neuroscience contacted her. Apparently, he had spent years working to unlock the hidden potential of the brain.

Curious of herself, Miyaa agreed to be of use to Dr. Wright. He suspected her success had something to do with Maria's homemade perfume oil. So she gave Dr. Wright a sample of the oil to analyze in the laboratory.

It was high in menthol which was found in a unique variety of peppermint called Peppermint from Japan.

"Low levels of neurotransmitters in the brain are associated with anxiety and poor cognitive performance."

"It is true that the menthol in peppermint helps increase neurotransmitters in the brain."

"The aroma acts as a catalyst ."

"Activating the olfactory bulbs in the nose that is linked to the cerebral cortex."

"This improves concentration , memory retention, and problem solving ."

"And it suppresses stress and anxiety hormones ."

- Dr. Wright 

Dr. Wright proceeded to develop a special steam distillation technique to extract the purest peppermint essential oil .

He Called It Minty™ - Liquid Gold In A Little Bottle

According to Dr. Wright:

"Minty™ is a natural, non-invasive way to improve cognition and stress ."

"There are several ways to use this enhancement formula."

"You can diffuse the oil."

"Or apply topically around your temple, neck area, or wrist for a more immediate effect ."

"More than 97.9% of the patients in our clinical trial showed increased clarity, relaxation, and memory retention within one month."

"Even our dementia patients showed great signs of improvement."

- Dr. Wright 

For sure, after the release of Minty™, Miyaa was the first to try it.

"It was exactly the same smell from my childhood but more intense ."

"At the first contact, I immediately felt alert and relaxed at the same time."

"As an EPT patient, this scent saved my life."

"Before, I couldn't concentrate for more than 10 minutes."

"Now I am able to control my anxiety and remain receptive."

"I can quickly make connections between various groups of complex information."

"I'm surprised it was Maria's homemade perfume after all!" 

- Miyaa

Many people have been using Minty™ to help them to relax and focus. With a little addition of natural peppermint to Miyaa's life, She was able to find the focus she needed to be successful in life without raising her stress levels. With Minty™, Miyaa's success can now be shared with everyone!