The 'Human Camera' who capture every scene in memory and never forgets

Published on  October 29th, 2021 | Written by Tyrese Mckenna, senior editor

Steve Wiltson is a famous local artist. He has a remarkable memory and is talented in painting. He is known as the "Human Camera." He can produce amazing cityscapes drawn on canvas exactly from his memory in 20 minutes. It has just been "photographed" by his mind.

He has been awarded the royal badge and held a solo exhibition

However, such an amazing man had gone through a tough time before he's getting all these fame.

Losing his father

His father died in a traffic accident when he was three years old. Since then, he became reluctant to communicate with others and bad temper.

His mother was so worried that she took him to the hospital for a diagnosis. The doctor told them that Steve was diagnosed with autism:

"The death of his father had a great psychological impact on Steve."

"He was taking a toll on my husband's passing."

"Even though it might be difficult, I would take good care of my child."

"It's challenging, but I'm ready to sacrifice for him." - Gabrielle

To make sure good childhood memory for Steve, his mother sent him to school. A few months later, Steve Wiltson was politely asked to be withdrawn.

"He always lived in his lonely world and was reluctant to communicate with anyone."

"It's affecting the other students in the class."

"We have no choice but to suggest you either delay Steve's study or send him to a special needs school." - Ms. Kacial, the School Teacher

Never give up

Gabrielle didn't give up on his son. She found a lot of information online to help his son. She even brought him for a psychiatrist and paid for a series of psychotherapies.

However, nothing seems to work out.

"One day, I accidentally saw that he is painting. I found Steve to be different. So I got him a tutor in painting."

“Since then, he spent few hours daily in drawing & painting. It seemed drawing is the only way he communicated with the world." - Gabrielle

When Steve Wiltson had his routine therapy. Incredibly, his mental health was improved.

Thanks to the efforts of the tutor. Steve was gradually developing his vocabulary. He started to get better.

The inspiration

One day, the teacher brought him to an art exhibition. Steve homed in on something that fascinated him - cityscapes. After returning from the gallery, the teacher encouraged him to his thought by drawing.

He did a drawing of the city from his memory. His piece of art was sent for a drawing competition.

"The painting is just like a photograph. It's amazing." - Gabrielle

Gabrielle was shocked by his achievement. To everyone's surprise, Steve's artwork was nominated.

To find out the reason behind this, Gabrielle took Steve to a specialist. The specialist wondered about the changes in Steve's mind and memory. He decided to study the case of Steve with other researchers.

Professor Abdiel is an expert in this field. He spent about 30 years studying mental illness. At first, he thought Steve was painting to relieve his emotions. But after a home visit, Professor Abdiel realized that an essential oil could be the reason behind it.

scent of osmanthus

Gabrielle loves the smell of Osmanthus, so she applies it in every corner. Osmanthus is native to Asia. It is a rare and fragrant flower.

"A typical smell stimulates up to 187 olfactory receptors. But, this smell could be the most effective way to stimulate the brain."

"Indeed, the unique scent of Osmanthus can trigger up to 565 olfactory receptors."

"It helps to improve memory, problem-solving and mental clarity." - Dr. Abdiel

After a series of research, Dr. Abdiel has finally created an enhanced version of the essential oil, Lour™.

Lour™ essential oil

"It's more efficient in triggering the memory of our brain." - Dr. Abdiel

Just like it permits the free flow of traffic. Professor Abdiel applied Lour™ on Steve.

After one week of application, it did improve Steve Wiltson's brain performance by 5%. He seemed to recover.

"Scientists have always believed that our brain capacity is determined by the age of 5."

"Since then, it is an amazing new insight on our clinical trials of smell."

"Smell stimulation brings an improvement in the human's well-being."

"It is possible to improve the brain performance at all ages." - Prof. Abdiel

Living the greatest life ever

Steve's upward progress continued to amaze everyone. He was awarded a recognition badge from the royal family. 

Steve toured the city by helicopter, which took only 20 minutes. He has then painted the panorama of New York city from memory on canvas with a length of 6m & a width of 0.8m. And what's amazing is that virtually every detail of the subject building has been reproduced with incredible accuracy. 

The painting stays with almost crystal clarity. Every detail in Steve's painting was almost identical to the exact scene. When he becomes a famous artist, his mother was in tears!

"Steve has surprised all of us through his life." 

Thanks to Lour™. He has eventually overcame the hardship since his struggles with Autism. Steve remains low-profile, even though he has become a famous artist.

"I am grateful to my mother for not giving up on me. In the future, I would like to hold an art exhibition with a panoramic view of the city."

"Painting and Lour™ brought me hope. I want to share it with the world. I hope my story will inspire others that no one is too dumb or old to learn." -Steve Wiltson

Enjoy the finest life

It is revolutionizing our understanding of how the brain develops.

Great minds are not born. Lour™ is the only medically-proven essential oil that boosts brainpower in people from all walks of life.

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