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The World of energy

Everything in the universe is a form of energy, moving and vibrating on its frequencies respectively. This is not simply a spiritual thoughts, but was proven by science where Einstein once said, "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it."

Whatever frequencies and thoughts and feelings are vibrating at, you will attract that of which vibrates on the same frequency. This idea was applied on the law of attraction. Imagine tuning into a radio station, tuning into a right frequency allows you to listen to the station you would like to listen. 

Our life is much the same, when you set your intentions into the universe and you begin to think and feel on the same vibrations, what you think and feel, you will manifest into your life, wealth, happiness, or relationship.

the le flora

When we dive ourselves into a great moment, trying to feel the enjoyment, we use the five senses of our body. Le Flora allows you to fully unlock 3 of the 5 senses, the sense of smell, touch and sight

Le Flora is a soap made of lavender extract and flower petals. It is beautifully handmade with natural lavender extract, and topped with dried lavender petals. The scent is natural and smell as of diffusing lavender oil. 

The smell of lavender can purify the negative energy and bad luck around us, and use it to own positive energy. It concentrates the positive energy magnetic field. It helps to achieve abalance in both mental and physical states, thus change one's life through thelaw of attraction. Lavender also helps to improve sleep quality and calms mind.

How to use Le Flora 

Le Flora is a handmade soap made or natural lavender extract and petals. It is suitable for multiple purposes including:

1. Handwash: kills bacteria and germs. It is proven that handwash is the most effective ways to prevent viruses including covid 19.
2. Bathing: rub and make foam out of the soap, and enjoy a relaxing bath soaking your body in bath tub.
3. Face wash: rub and make foam out of the soap, gently apply and massage it on your face, then rinse with water.
4. Hair wash: rub and make foam out of the soap, massage the foam on your hair gently, then rinse off with water.

*NOTE: Avoid ingestion and avoid direct contact to eyes.


  • You've had bad luck and misfortune for this entire time.
  • You feel sad and low magnetic energy.
  • You are too stress and need to relax yourself.
  • You are want to get a better soap.
  • Your wish to attract more positive energy.
  •  You are not able to sleep well.

If even ONE of the above fits you, you need to click the button below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Le Flora made of?

Le Flora is handmade of natural lavender extract and dried petals. I has no chemical additives and is safe to be use regardless skin type and condition.

What is the size of the soap and how long it can be stored?

Weight: 150g
Size: 5.5x4.2x6cm

Expiry: 3 years from manufacturing date

What type of skin is suitable to use Le Flora and what type of skin should avoid?

Le Flora is made of natural ingredients and is suitable for all types of skins, it would not cause any allergies reaction.

Is the soap suitable for male or female?

Le Flora is suitable for both male and female.

Our Happy Customers

Our Happy Customers

What is Everyone Saying About Nebula™

" Both me and my wife are using Le Flora since 4 months ago. We both love the smell but was skeptical about the ability to attract positive energy of the soap at first. Strangely after about 2 months we started using this soap, I got promoted in my job and I definitely did not expect that. My previous leader resigned out of a sudden and I was nominated and got the promotion too easily. Then I started to believe in it and has been using Le Flora till now. "

Lawrence J, UK

✔  Verified Purchase

" I've always love lavender but I have never thought it can be such powerful. I guess my life has been so lucky because of lavender, especially Le Flora. I experienced a tragic accident when I was 9 and it leaves a very deep trauma to me and I always got panic attack out of a sudden, so I bring along a bottle of lavender oil whenever I go. There was 1 time I left my lavender oil on a cab and I got panic attack when I was walking alone on a busy street. I got so numbed and did not know what to do, then I suddenly smelled a scent of lavender that eventually calmed myself down. It was the smell from my hair and I definitely used Le Flora for hair wash the night before. It manage to keep the scent for hours and it was a great help to me in the nick of time. "

SARAh Brandy, ny

✔  Verified Purchase

" I love trying different kind of handmade soap and I always go for those famous brands. They cost me hundreds every few months once. Until one time when I got divorced and I have to earn and spend my own money, I realized it was a waste of money, so I decided to quit using expensive items, and I happened to know about Le Flora, being an affordable and natural handmade soap, and at the same time, helps to improve one's luck. I started using it since more than a year ago and I am in love with it. My friends always told me I smells great even though I go out with them at night but I took a shower with Le Flora in the afternoon. "

Tracy Mc, va

✔  Verified Purchase

Real Energy Assistance

The Properties Of Le Flora

> Transfers positive energy and mindset to the user;
> Attracts wealth, luck and opportunities through the law of attraction
> Calms mind and promotes good sleep quality

It is recommended to keep using Le Flara for at least 2-3 months for better effect. Use it during shower, facewash, or as a hand wash soap at least 3-5 times a day.

Le Flora not only helps to keep yourself hygienic and smells nice throughout long day, it also helps to balance one's energy, transfer positive energy necessary to help attracts opportunities, luck as well as wealth to the user. Experience a better magnetic field and starts a better life now.

Le Flora Handmade Soap

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