the Secret of a 97-year-old farmer on how he is still capable of doing farm work

Published on  march 23th, 2021 | Written by Audrey ADMAILEE, senior editor

"It changed my life entirely! I'm 97 but I feel like I'm 25 again!"

Reynard is a 97-year-old farmer, and he has an amazing story to tell. Few years ago, Reynard had retired from his farm and passed it to his son. His son improved the farming efficiency with modern technologies.

Reynard was happily spending his free time with his grandchildren. Until one day, Reynard's son got into a fatal accident.

Reynard was devastated but he had to move on and return to the farm.

"I am now the only hope to my grandchildren as well as myself."

"Who would ever know that I still have to suffer all these on my 97th."

From a 97-year-old retired farmer, who was suppose to enjoy his life happily ever after, now forced to return to work. Reynard is now a heartbroken father, a support for his grandchildren and he has to be strong and tough, he knows that he cannot collapse now. 

Trying to adapt with technologies

Since his son had improved the farming efficiency with modern technologies, he tried to use the modern tools invested by his son as he thought it would be easier for his old age, rather than doing traditional farming method that requires a lot of energy.

He first tried to water the crops with a drone, but he crashed it.

He felt terrible, the generation's gap had him helpless, he knew he would never be as good as his son. However he persevered and finished the farm works by himself. He even spent up to 12 hours a day in the farm sometimes. 

Not only he is a farmer, he is also the support of the family now.

Besides his farm works, he also has to take care of his grandchildren. He managed to do all the farm works when the children were at school. When the children are home after school, he needs to prepare for lunch, then get back to his work again.

However things were getting worse, eventually he suffered from serious foot pain. The pain can't simply be overcame by pain killers.

He knew it is not the worst yet, and his worry happened on one day, the day he had appointment with his crops distributors.

Finally failed to withstand the pain

On that day,  Reynard failed to meet with his crops distributor. His distributor, Robert, came to visit to find out what's wrong.

He saw Reynard lying on the bed, and couldn't stand up. In shock and worried, Robert asked what's wrong.

"I can't move my body. My feet are in extreme pain. Help me..." - Reynard

Robert quickly took out his Herlix™ Foot Patch and patched them onto Reynard's feet. 

After resting for two hours, Reynard was so surprised that he managed to stand up again. His feet were not in pain anymore!

He was amazed by the immediate effect of the patches.

Miracle Really happened

"I couldn't believe that it truly happened to me, it's really amazing." - Reynard

Robert explained that his mother had been suffering from serious back pain for 30 years. She could not sit for a long period of time and could not sleep well at night.

"We tried various treatment, from medication to physical therapy, and Osteopathy but nothing worked!" - Robert

"It seems hopeless, there was nothing she could do." - Robert

Until a friend referred Robert to an Orthopaedic specialist, Dr. Takei.

Dr. Takei recently made a revolutionary discovery in Orthopaedic studies. He advised Robert's mum to use the patch every night to solve her back pain. 

Robert's mum had recovered from her back pain after using it regularly, and that's why Robert carries Herlix™ Foot Patch with him anytime, anywhere. 

the secret behind miracle

Dr. Takei explained that our feet are the foundation of our total body wellness. Standing for a long period of time can cause poor blood circulation.

Without proper blood circulation, the plaque will build up in the arteries, which could lead to a stroke. As a result, our heart needs to work harder to circulate the blood. The major function of our blood is to deliver oxygen from our lungs till the furthest parts of our body, while removing carbon dioxide and other waste products. Waste product will accumulate at our feet, hence, a good blood circulation of our feet is very important.

When the patch is applied, the mixture of medicinal plants and herbs will spread through the soles of our feet, and help to improve blood circulation and expel the waste. These herbal essences are then absorbed through our feet into our bodies. At the same time, our body will eliminate the harmful toxins through the 250,000 sweat glands on our feet. 

improve our immune system to fight against diseases

To enhance the effect, patch it while we sleep as it is the peak detox stage of our bodies. You'll be amazed at how refreshing you feel the next morning!

Reynard applies the patches every night from then on, 3 days after he started applying the patches, his feet are not as painful as before and he felt recharged.

He feels grateful to the patch, each and every morning he is able to get out of his bed comfortably. He is now able to enjoy his work and the quality bonding time with his grandchildren.

perfect solution for Foot, Legs, back pain and more!

"I used to suffer from back muscle fatigue as I sit for long hours working in the office, But ever since I started using this patch, my back no longer feels tired and sore, and I feel energetic every day." - Lawrence, 26-year-old

"My leg was injured once because of extreme sports, and lost it's strength as my blood flow was affected by the injury. I was introduced to this Herlix™ Foot Patch, now my leg has it's strength back, and I'm able to do my sports once again." - Anderson, 33-year-old

"Working as a truck driver worned out my back. But after using this patch every night, I am now finally able to work without having to worry about my back!" - Nick, 56-year-old.

Are you ready to relieve your body aches and become healthier like them? This can be achieved by simply sticking the patch under your feet. Your life will be changed with Herlix™ Foot Patch!

No harm to give it a try.