the struggle of an animator

Published on  APRIL 4th, 2021 | Written by Madison manchester, senior editor

" I once risked my life for my job and passion... "

Behind this iconic scene in anime history lies the hard work of various animators who poured all their effort into creating them.

Meet Oda Ayane, one of the animators who worked on the iconic scene for the anime, Boruto. One of the most popular anime currently airing in Japan.

She has been working as an animator for 5 years now. Being an animator, isn't as easy as everyone thinks. Before having the opportunity to be able to work on Boruto, lies a harsh journey for Ayane.

overworked and collapsed

Ayane worked almost more than 10 hours a day everyday. There are even times that she would have to overnight in the office to complete her works. Even during her off days, she would spent time practicing her art.

However, all these hardwork took a big toll on her body despite being young. Her vision slowly got blurry and also slowly developed migraine. There was a time where she couldn't get off bed as she was too weak. 

She ended up getting hospitalized. The doctors announced to her that she overworked till the point that it affected her health. And that if she continued working like that, her life could be in danger.

finding a cure

Even so, she still wanted to continue working, as she really loves her job and needed to meet the deadline as well. So, she tried many different ways to get well. Like acupuncture, medication, and get plenty of rest. But nothing worked for her.

Her health was still deteriorating. It was until her friend, Tachibana Yuki, a fellow animator, visited her. Despite working with hectic schedules just like her, she seemed to be doing fine.

"Despite working like crazy just like me."

"You seem to be cheerful and looking good as always"

"What's your secret?"

A help in need

Yuki was able to relate to and understood Ayane's problem. She smiled and took out a bottle of oil and said that it really help when she was facing the same problem as Ayane.

Yuki then gifted Ayane some bottles of the oil during her next visit, told her told to inhale the scent of the oil from time to time.

After getting discharged from the hospital, Ayane started using the oil. Surprisingly weeks later, she started to feel much better.

Her fatigueness is slowly going way and she is feeling more energized than ever.

Curious, Ayane then asked Yuki about the oil.

The Gynze™

The oil that Yuki gave Ayane was the Gynze™ Essential Oil.

The essential oil was made of ginger extract, developed by a local nutrition company in Japan. The oil is steam distilled from the same rhizome that everybody use in their kitchen for cooking.

Ginger oil contains a high amount of phenolic compounds which produces a great effect in antimicrobial and antioxidant activities with the ability to help repairing our body damage and relieving pain.

The science behind this essential oil is incredible!

A human has approximately 400-450 different olfactory receptors responsible to trigger cerebral receptors, speeding up neuron responses and communication signals.

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Review from valid user

Knowing this, Ayane went on to do further research on this product. And she found numerous testimonial for the incredible effects of this product. One of them is Maggie Wilson.

"I'm often overwhelmed with work and taking care of my kids."

"And due to that I'm always tired and tend to be stressed out."

"But ever since I started using Gynze™."

"Not only my memory and multi-tasking got better."

"I can now concentrate for one whole day without getting tired."

"I even got promoted for my outstanding work performance!"

Ever since knowing about the wonder of Gynze™, Ayane has not stop using it. People worldwide have achieved greater heights in mental clarity.

"It was truly an honour to be able work on a big project like Boruto."

"Thanks to Gynze™, I can now work long hours without feeling as tired as I used to be."

"I can finally continue working on my dream job without worrying about my health."

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