NYC subway delays: 11 lines of mess when man pushes woman off the platform 

Published on  april 29th, 2021 | Written by Neal Armitage, senior editor

A man almost killed a pregnant woman and her child. It all happened when writer Peter Carey returned home from work. When he went to the subway station, he felt tired and out of breath. Suddenly, he felt the world spin and passed out. 

With a height of 198cm and a weight of 199 kilos, his body accidentally knocked a pregnant woman off the platform just as the train approached.

Commuters on the platform quickly jumped to the rescue. They began to scream and waving their bags to get the train operator's attention and stop the train. Fortunately, the operator managed to apply the brakes and the pregnant woman was rescued.

While it was clear that Peter intended none of this to happen, the incident still angered the public. People started yelling at him with derogatory remarks, some even calling him a "manslaughterer" for nearly killing an innocent woman and her child.

"I have never felt so much guilt, shame and embarrassment. I was never big in my life... Not until my wife passed away in 2018."

“After my wife died, I drowned myself in work. I tried to squeeze out every drop of my creative juice. The stress made me turn to eating out of convenience. I was heavily dependent on food and I can't believe I grew big that much." - Peter

Doctors Said He Could Not Survive Another Fall

When he was taken straight to the hospital from the subway, Peter was told that he was too heavy and nearly had a stroke.  Doctors advised him to watch his weight as they cannot guarantee that Peter would be able to wake up the next time he falls.

The guilt and humiliation over the subway incident was his last straw. Peter just knew he had to start shedding a few pounds. He started exercise intensively, extreme food cut, Keto diet... He dropped one size but it later became stagnant.

"My mind was full of junk food, it keeps telling me to eat."

"And I was having nightmare about the subway incident and can barely sleep."

"So I put the homemade perfume oil to relax my mind and rest." 

“Since that day, my cravings for food have been greatly reduced magically."

"And lot of sweat kept flowing out when I was asleep."

Mysterious weight loss

One day, when peter stood on the machine. Incredibly, he dropped another 2 sizes after the stagnant. So for weeks, he spent 8 hours a day working on cardio workout.

"I know I am doing the right thing now."

"Somehow I can feel my wife is telling me to keep going."

After that, Peter was called by doctor to do a body check. To everyone's disbelief, Peter's weight had dropped to an optimum level! It happens incredibly within 3 weeks time. Beyond his capabilities, the doctor referred Peter to a body biology researcher.

It was Gaspy™

Dr. Allison possesses 30 years of experience researching the body reaction. Initially, he suspected Peter's intensive exercises conditioned his weight level. But after a house visit, Dr. Allison was astonished to find the real culprit. It was the scent of Gaspy™.

Peter's house was filled with the soothing scent of self made Bergamot oil. Bergamot is a rare and citrus plants native to Reggio Calabria in southern Italy.

"Scented Bergamot oil can suppress appetite by affecting the areas in the brain that make people feel full." 

"We found that compared with people who did not sniff Bergamot oil..." 

"People who sniff Bergamot oil every 2 hours experience less hunger..." 

"And reduced intake of 5600 kcal of heat in a week!" 

"In particular, Bergamot contains high concentration of polyphenols." 

"Which are useful for preventing the absorption of bad minerals..."

"Stimulating metabolism and endocrine system." - Dr. Allison

Peter was quickly put on a clinical trial with Gaspy™. Amazingly, Dr.Allison found that just a week of exposure to Gaspy™, Peter dropped 3 inches around his waist!

"Our clinical trial with Gaspy has brought a startling new understanding." 

"A person can change one's body composition through Gaspy without exercise." - Dr. Allison

"I thought it was the cardio exercise that helped."

"But it was the Gaspy that did the magic" - Peter

Now, he became too small for his clothes and eventually needed a different wardrobe. Peter couldn't believe how this little spot changed his life.

He felt like a new person, like a completely new person with renewed confidence and a much better state of mind. He wrote all of his experiences and downfall in a book. His book became one of the best books on coping with grief and self-motivation, making him one of the best-selling motivational authors.  

Mysteries solved

“I firmly believe that one door closes when another opens."

"My life was going downhill..."

"I lost everything, and I almost lost my life."

"But now I've got it all back and a lot more."

"All thanks to this little spot." - Peter

The case study of 'Manslayer of subway' is revolutionizing our understanding of how to change body composition easily.

Peter's incredible comeback is one of Gaspy's many success stories. Don't wait any longer, get the Gaspy™ today.