The boy who never forgets

Published on  march 26th, 2021 | Written by David cornor, senior editor

Norm was born with neurological amnesia who finally won the World Memory Championships

Norm's story began when he was still in his mother's womb. His parents were heartbroken to receive the devastating news. Their unborn child had a brain inflammation! The child's life expectancy may not exceed fifteen years.

The doctor offered his parents termination. And his mother was forced to agree.

Sister's Love

The sister begged their mother not to give up on her little brother. 

When Norm was born, the doctor said that Norm would not remember anything in the end. He needs extra care.

Due to the poor economic conditions of their family, he was ultimately be placed in foster care.

His sister, Karen, who was 7-year-old, promises with all her heart. Someday, she would cure her brother any way she can.

He was only get known about his condition when he was growing up.

He was afraid that he will forget the people and everything around him one day. Especially the sister who loves him the most.

So, Norm started to take pictures and videos daily to record his life with his parents and sibling.

Forgot his way home

As he was getting older, his memory wasdeteriorating. He started to forget some basic things, such as a wallet and mobile phone. He could not remember the names of his family and friends. Even the way home.

His condition was getting worse. Norm's health and safety concerned his sister. His sister took him to the specialist. The specialist can only prescribe medicines and a course of treatment to delay the deterioration of his memory. 

She tried everything to help him recover. Like supplements, build a routine, mnemonics...But, nothing worked.

One day, while Norm was looking for his way home in a panic, he met someone who turned his life around. He smelled a relaxing scent in this man.

Since Norm couldn’t remember his way home, and the people nearby didn’t know Norm either, that person brought Norm home.

Met Expert By accident

Dr. Stone is a biomedical researcher living in the village. He was studying the bergamot. His house was full of the smell of bergamot.

As Norm entered the house, his mind released tensions. He felt relaxed. It helped to calm his anxiety and confusion.

"When I smelled it, I felt fresh, and my mind was clear."

"Progressively, I managed to remember the way home, and back to my family and friends."

"When I get home, I feel like a new man." - Norm

Seeing how the aroma of bergamot helped Norm, Dr. Stone decided to continue his study on the bergamot fruit and its effects. He discovered that bergamot peel produces oil, which explains its characteristic odor that stimulates brain cells.

It helps to improve cognitive function, overall brain performance, and memory while enhancing mood and calming the mind.

With this knowledge, Dr. Stone created Garmot™.

The Garmot™

It is the concentrated bergamot oil extracted directly from the peel. Apply it to your temples before going to bed, drop it in an oil diffuser, or add it to your bathtub. The smell stimulates the olfactory receptors to send information to the limbic system of the brain. It allows the brain to further develop to the max.

Thus, intelligibility and cognitive abilities are improved, allowing you to cope with complexity or retain longer memories.

As part of the clinical trial, Dr. Stone gave Norm a vial. Norm uses it every day. He drops it in the diffuser. Since then, Norm has slowly regained his memories. His memory became markedly sharper.

"I used to go on a road trip with my family. We got lost in a remote area without a GPS signal, but I remember all the roads and street signs."

"I'm like a human GPS, and we got home safely. Everyone was surprised, including me."

"They took me for a check-up,"

"Dr. Stone told me that not only have I fully recovered but my memory was greatly improved too!"

"They signed up for the World Memory Championship for me to see how far my memory can go."

Road to become a champion

Norm was beyond everyone's expectations. He competed with youth and adults aged 10 to 30 and won the gold medal. He was the eldest champion in history.

Norm cried during his victory speech:

"As a patient with neurological amnesia, I never thought that one day I would get such recognition."

"I never had such a good memory, even when I was 20 or 30 years old."

"This gold medal is a big surprise. I dedicate this victory to my sister and Dr. Stone."

"Thank you, sister, for never giving up on me."

"Without Garmot™, I wouldn't be who I am now."

Improve your memory Now

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