A 13 years old girl thrives as Amputee Gymnast with Stellar Prosthetic Foot.

Everyone call her "The Amputee Gymnast Superstar". Katie has overcame her disability to become who she is today! But the journey doesn’t seem easy.

At 3 years old, Katie was sent to gymnastics by her parents. Katie's gymnasctics talent was beyond the other kids. She loved gymnastics and enjoyed being on the stage. However, there was an incident happened and has changed her life since then. 

There was once, Katie and her family went for a trip. When they are close to reach their destination...The car from back of them lost control and crashed into them. Katie's parents and she were lucky enough to survive from this car accident. Unfortunately, Katie was lost one leg due to the huge pressure from the car crashed.

Since then, her life has changed. She couldn't perform normal activities like other kids, and even her favourite thing, gymnastics. The accident has badly hit on her. She has been living in the shadow of the incident. And had difficulties with social interaction and speaking,  

"To me, I wanted to give Katie the chance to live."

"Katie had a lot of meltdowns. She always felt disappointed on herself."

"She struggles to talk and concentrate."

 - Linda, Katie's mother

Hoping to give Katie a normal childhood experience, Linda sent her to school when she was 6. A few months later, she was polity asked to withdraw Katie's enrollment.

"Katie's behaviour has negatively impacted the whole class. She had learning disability and refused to cooperate with any school activities. I recommended you delay Katie's schooling or find a homeschool teacher for her. "  - Ms. Aura, head of school

Determined, she poured her soul into finding a way to aid her daughter.

Linda had brought Katie to see psychiatrist, Emotional Competency Training, and Speech Therapy. But nothing worked.

"One day, while I brought Katie to visit her aunt's house. I noticed that Katie suddenly became really calm. She even volunteered to talk about how she missed doing gymnastics. This was the first time I heard her talking about gymnastics and saw her smiled again ever since the incident happened. "

Before they leave, her aunt give Katie's a bottle of oil as a gift.

"This was her aunt's home remedy oil. "

Her aunt told Katie that this could help to calm down and ease her mind.

"After that, I quickly did some researches and found out that there were people with disability doing gymnastics. Those people were called as Amputee Gymnasts. After that, I quickly did some researches and found out that there were people with disability doing gymnastics. Those people were called as Amputee Gymnasts. I quickly contacted to Katie's previous gym coach."

Katie's coach was agreed to help Katie resume back what she truly loved. 

"So I brought Katie to pair with a stellar prosthetic foot. And I started enrolling her for gymnastics training lessons"   -Linda

Although she had only one real leg, but her determination was beyond the others. Katie surprised Linda and her coach even further by picking gymnastics back with amazing speed.

"Katie is extremely talented and such a pleasure to teach. "She is born to be a gymnast!"    -Mr. Chris 

With bated breath, Katie's gymnastics abilities grow exponentially. At only 8, she had won tons of local Amputee Gymnastics contest with amazing score! She was then invited and became the youngest person to join the national team gymnastics training. 

At 13, she had her first International Amputee Gymnastics contest. And she had won the contest with fabulous result effortlessly!

Everyone call her "The Amputee Gymnast Superstar!" 

One day, Linda received a call from a famous neuroscience researcher, Dr. Robert.  He saw Katie's amazing story and interested research on her. Initially, he suspected Katie's gymnastics stimulated her brain abilities. But after a house visit, he was astonished to find the real culprit. Katie's house was full of lemon scent. Dr. Robert obtained some samples and conducted experiments after obtaining consent. He even tried it on himself and documented the activities in his brain.

"This has definitely gone beyond what I expected. "In just days, my ability to focus and attention span has increased tremendously by 50%. "

Dr.Robert analyzed the component of lemon and was surprised. Lemon is such a powerful antioxidant, refreshing, calming and antidepressive properties. Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C that help remove free radicals that can damage cells from the body and brain.

Knowing well that this would impact the society at large Dr Robert assembled a team of medical experts, and by using the newest technique, they managed to create an essential oil formula with an increased effect of 10 times stronger.

It is called Freshy™ Lemon Essential Oil, made from concentrated and pure Lemon extracts.

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Katie was quickly put on a clinical trial with Freshy™ Lemon Essential Oil. Amazingly, Dr Robert found that just a week of exposure to Freshy™ Lemon Essential Oil. Increased Katie's brain performance by 5%. Not only that, Katie's gymnastics progress went upward amazingly!

"I have my mom to thank for not giving up on me. When I grow up, I want to be the a world class Amputee Gymnast! Gymnastics and Lemonny™ Lemon Essential Oil have brought me hope and I want to share it with the world"  - Katie

"Scientists have always believed that our brain ability is determined by age 6. But our clinical trial with Lemonny™ has brought a startling new understanding. "It is possible to boost brain performance at all ages"  - Dr. Robert

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