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What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is a way of looking at our environment and finding a way for the energy to become balanced. The words ‘feng’ and ‘shui’ literally mean ‘wind’ and ‘water’ which demonstrates the idea of having balance.

In Asian culture, this philosophy is called the Tao, which translates to mean “the way." Taoism is the way of nature and all the basic principles of feng shui reflect nature.

Principles of feng shui including the commanding position, the Bagua, and the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water). 

The Power of Feng Shui BAGUA

From the image, the map has eight (ba) areas (guas), each section of the structured space is believed to relate to various aspects of life.

1. Career & Life Path

2. Love & Marriage

3. Ancestors & Health

4. Wealth & Prosperity

5. Ying and Yang  (center to connect all elements)

6. Helpful People & Travels

7. Children & Creativity

8. Knowledge & Self-Cultivation

9. Fame & Reputation

When we apply Bagua on our life, all of this aspects can enhances positive and reverberating effects throughout our life.

The Best Gemstones for

Feng Shui

One of the most effective ways to apply Feng Shui Bagua to our life is to keep them close to the skin. 

Black obsidian born out of rapidly cooling lava flows from a volcano. Thus, it combines the elements of fire, water, and earth just like the principle of Feng Shui. 

The unique properties of obsidian make the combination with Feng Shui Bagua to create a sense of balance and a clear disposition to attract prosperity, success, and abundance into your life!

Benefit of Feng Shui Obsidian Bagua Necklace

More Wealth

In Feng shui, Black obsidian is an excellent cure for the north Bagua area—the area connected to the energy of one's career and path in life.   

Reduce Stress

It has the ability to draw in negative energy, bring more balance to one's life, and clear one's mind of fears and distractions. 

Improving Self-Image & Self-Esteem

It will induce personal development and allow you to overcome any obstacles in your way. 

Helps Keep You Healthy

This powerful Bagua Map combine created by the  elements of Feng Shui will help your muscle tissue, keeping you strong physically and energetically. 

Improve Relationship

Since it can also help you see things more clearly, will you be more aware of whether a potential love interest is a person who will harmonize with you

Things To Take Note When Wearing Feng Shui Obsidian Bagua Necklace

How to wear Feng Shui Bagua?

Before wear, first of all, you must detoxify it. Prepare a clean container and fill with water. Then, keep it dipped in water for overnight.

Prefer wearing Bagua during sunrise of any Monday that occurs in waxing moon or Shukla Paksh.

Where should I place it when I am not wearing it? 

Always touch the Bagua while wearing it to connect with it and let it know that you are its owner!

Avoid having someone touching it but if it happen, fret not, just need to rinse the Bagua with clean water will do.

What if someone else touches it?

When you are sleeping, bathing or any other situation that you are not wearing it, you should place it in the living room, with the head facing towards the main door, and remember do not place it in your bedroom.

Do I need to charge the power of Feng Shui Bagua?

Yes, you need to always strengthen the power of Bagua. To do it, you need to place it on a piece of red cloth. 

Then, bring it to the open window, and face toward moonlight. Think about the power you want this coin to have and imbue it with that power.

What is the measurement of the Feng Shui Bagua?

  • Size of Pendant: 48mm*48mm
  • Thickness of Pendant: 13mm
  • Adjustable necklace from 42-80cm
  • Size of each necklace's pearl: +/-6mm
  • Weight: +/-50g

* Please allow 1-3cm differs due to manual measurement

Our Happy Customers

Thousands of verified reviews

Our Happy Customers

Thousands Of Verified Reviews

Give A Prosperity Life For You And Your Loves

Give A prosperity life for you and your loves

A Feng Shui Obsidian Bagua Necklace is one of the most powerful pendant you can give to your family & friend, indirectly help them to attract prosperity, success, and abundance into their life.

Also, the Obsidian Bagua can be place at your living space or vehicle, it can strengthen up your positive energy and balance the life in the most effective way. 

If you feel like you need some of that right now, then it definitely won’t hurt to wear one, and it can help a great deal. Get one today and begin to attract the wealth you wish you had!

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