His quantum leap development has stunned the world...

But little did they know, he was borned prematurely when her mum got into a car accident.

His dad did not survived the accident. His doctor proclaimed him a lot cause.

Now, he is know as Little Gary Smith.

Today, he continues to defy the odds despite his learning disability.

Stacey first received the devastasting news that her premature born had a brain defect due to lack of oxygen.

His post-birth scan was astonishing. He had only 5% of his brain capacity.

Doctor said Oscar would be severely mentally stunned for life.

"Losing my husband and accepting this fact was at the same time was devastating to me.

To a point of no return, I knew giving up is never an option for me."

- Stacey

Hoping to give Oscar a normal childhood experience

Stacey sent him to preschool when he was 3 years old.

"Just 1 months later, I was politely asked to withdraw Oscar's enrollment." - Stacey

"Oscar has alot of meltdowns in the class. He struggles to talk and remember things." - Pre School Teacher

"His progress in class has negatively impacted the whole class. I suggest you to delay Oscar's enrollment and send him to a special school." - Pre School Teacher

Musical stimulation seemed to help him

"One day, while I was playing the drum, I noticed that Oscar was very interested and start response to the beat.

So for months, I spend 6 hours a day playing the drum for him." 

- Stacey

When Oscar had his followed brain scan, incredibly, his brain had grown to 50%.

Stacey's surprised didn't stop there.

One day, he heard "Eye of The Tiger" coming from the room. 

And she found Oscar was playing the drum from his memory!

"I played that tune to him every day. I was facinated that he taught himself to play the drum"

- Stacey

Oscar surprised Stacey even further by picking up with amazing speed

"Oscar is an extremely bright boy and such a pleasure to teach. 

He has a wonderful ear for music and never misses a beat.

- Music teacher

With a short period of time, Oscar's muscial abilities has growed exponentially. At only 7, he passed the highest drum Grade 8 exam with distinction.

Astounded by this achivement, Stacey let Oscar take the ABRSM Percussion exam. To everyone's disbelief, Oscar's passed with distinction with a 150 full marks.

Dr. Jones was amazed to found the real factor behind

Stacey loved the smell of Freesia and often difussed it in the music room. Freesia is a rare and fragrant flower native to Kenya.

"Scent is the most effective way to stimulate the brain, a typical scent triggers up to 187 olfactory receptors. True enough, Orical™ uniqued scent can trigger up to 793 olfactory receptorsWhat's more, it has the ability to reach the brain within 22 seconds!- Dr. Jones

"Orical™ can help to create efficient traffic in the frontal lobes.

Resulting to improve memory, problem solving and mental clarity." - Dr. Jones

it was the scent of Orical™ all along

"Our clinical trial with Orical™ has brought a startling new understanding with intensive olfactory stimulation.

It is possible to boost brain performance at all ages." 

- Dr Jones

"Oscar has surprised all of us through his life.

He has come so far since his struggles as a little baby all thanks to Orical™."

- Stacey

" I have my mom to thank, for not giving up on me. When I grow up, I want to be the next Orical™. 

Music and Orical™ have brought me hope and I want to share it with the world.

I hope my story will inspire others that no one is too dumb or old to learn."

- Oscar 

No harm to give it a try