Dad loses 30 pounds to become liver donor for newborn son suffering Alagille Syndrome 

Published on  april 28th, 2021 | Written by Cherish Ray, senior editor

No love is greater than that of a father for his son.

"I would walk through fire and do anything to save my child" - Doug Hirsch

Meet Doug Hirsch, a father and a real-life hero from California. What Doug did to save his son's life will warm everyone's heart. Listen to Doug's amazing story...

A New York dad quickly jumped into action when he learned that his weight had eliminated him as an organ donor. 

"I have to save my son. We tried for 15 years and finally he came into our life. I will give him everything I can."

Paul embarked on an epic weight loss journey just so he could qualify as a living liver donor for his newborn son Max, who was diagnosed with Alagille Syndrome at birth and needed a transplant to survive. 

Weight Management is not an easy journey....

"I don't ask for much, I am just so glad to have a child after 15 years of trying" -Doug

It all begins from a pregnancy check up. The check up came out with a traumatic news. His pre-born baby, Olivia was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease. 90% of Olivia's liver has lost its functionality. A liver transplant is needed within 2 months or else Olivia cant live any longer than 60 days after birth.

"We were advised to give up on Olivia, but it was never an option to us"

"I always dream of having Olivia in my hug"

"I will do whatever to save her, even if it cost my life"


For liver transplant, his wife's blood was not a match, which made her ineligible to donate any part of her liver. Luckily, Doug is the best and viable donor for the transplant.

Another bad news comes in, Doug has "Fatty Liver" that disallowed him for the transplant as there are too much fat build up around liver due to his size.

"Olivia don't have much time for the transplant"

"You need to drop down at least 3-5 sizes before the operation" 

"But it is impossible within the 2 months time"

"You should get prepared for the worst otherwise" 

-Dr Scott

Great Invention by Dr. Trevor

But Doug refused accept the fact. He went all out and did whatever that helps. Desperately, Paul exercised intensively. Extreme food cut, Keto diet.... He dropped one size but it later become stagnant. Doug became frustrated as he's running out of time.

"I am even taking lipsuction as my last resort if nothing worked out" 

"One day, while I was taking a nap after taking a shower"

"I started to feel heat on my skin throughout my body"

"Sweat kept flowing out as if I am exercising"

"So for weeks, I spent 8 hours a day working on cardio workout."

One day, when Doug stood on the machine. Incredibly, he dropped another 2 sizes after the stagnant. Doug's surprise didn't stop there. One day, he heard a yelling 'Daddy...Daddy...' in his dream. When he woke up from that dream:

"The dream is so real"

"I can feel a strong sensation throughout my body"

"I know I am doing the right thing now"

"It's really hard to keep workout restlessly day by day "

“I am so mesmerized by my determination at that time"


Thanks for this Opportunity....

Doug was then called by doctor to do the Fatty Liver Test. To everyone's disbelief, Doug's liver fat level drop from 12% to 8%! It happened incredibly within 3 weeks time. Beyond his capabilities, he referred Doug to a body biology researcher. Dr. Trevor possesses 30 years of experience researching the body reaction. Initially, he suspected Doug's intensive exercises conditioned his fatty level. But after a house visit, Dr. Trevor accidentally found the real culprit. It was the Thermal™ soap.

Thermal soap is made by milk of Cashmere Goat in Mongolia. Cashmere goat's milk are found to keep their baby warm during winter to withstand the -40°C extreme cold weather in Mongolia.

"Applied to skin, cashmere milk will infuse into sweat gland thru millions of pores"

"The 'Maillard Reaction' will be triggered in sweat gland"

"It is the chemical reaction between amino group and carbonyl group"

"The chemical reaction released heat to the epidermis"

"The heat released stimulated calories burn and caused sweat"

"Sweating symbolizes the fat destruction are ongoing"

"What's more, it occurs at 3 millions pores at once and last for 8 hours! "

"Imagine having continuous workout for 8 hours"

-Dr. Trevor

Doug was immediately put on a clinical trial with Thermal™ soap. Surprisingly, Dr. Trevor found that just within a week of applying Thermal™ soap, Doug dropped 3 inches around his waist !

”Theoretical thesis always believed that effective calories burn only occur by physical exercises" 

"But our clinical trial with Thermal™ soap has brought a startling new understanding"

"With internal thermal calories burn"

"A more effective calories burns is possible even when one is sleeping" 

-Dr Trevor

"I thought it was the cardio exercise that helped"

"But it was the Thermal™ soap that did the magic"

"Thermal™ soap was a gift from an anonymous who read my blog about the liver transplant"

"I believed it is a gift from the God" -Doug

Doug progress continued to amaze everyone. Not only he lost a total of 6 sizes in 2 months time. In addition, his liver fat level further drop to 5%. Through all the hardships, now Doug is now eligible for the liver transplant. Later, the transplant took place and it was a success. Doug and his daughter were recovering well after the surgery. Looking at their beautiful baby, Doug and his wife were in tears.

"I was overwhelmed by the effect of Thermal™ soap“

”Without it, i couldn't imagine what would happen to my daughter."

"My prayers was answered and it all thanks to Thermal™ soap" 

"Thermal™ soap has saved my family and now i want to share it with the world"


Nothing is impossible until you give it a try

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