human who's having largest capacity of memory in the world

Published on  march 26th, 2021 | Written by David cornor, senior editor

This is David Perez from Pennysylvania. The man who remembers every day of his life. 

David has a rare ability allowing him to recall any moment from his past.

Dr. Ferez Swirk, a professor of neurobiology, coincidently learned about David’s ability, was very interested to find out the secret behind such strong memory.

Dig for an answer

Dr. Ferez Swirk, a professor of neurobiology, which focus studies of neurochemical influences on memory storage. After knowing David's situation, he invited him for a brain test.

"We decided to meet him to see if what he said was true"

"We always had to check, because we've had plenty of people who faked"

"that they have  certain incredible ability but in fact they don't"

"So we ran some extensive tests on him, pretty rough"

"We call it highly superior autobiographical memory."

"He can describe most of the days of their life, as you and I can describe yesterday."

"There are certain regions of his brain that act more quickly, like Google"

"One possibility is, that we all have the same information in our heads as he have, and we just can't get at it." - Dr Swirk

A worthful house visit

To prove the possibility, Dr. Swirk decided to pay a visit to David's house. 

The moment when Dr. Swirk steps into his house, he smelled a sober smell. Instantly, he felt so soothing and he has never smelled it before. Turns out, it was the scent of traditional homemade essential oil.

"This scent has been with me since I was young, and it has been with me all the time."

"The practice of this essential oil has been passed down from generation to generation in my family,"

"And it can be said that it has never been publicized."

"My ancestor used to live in India, and India produces nearly all of the world’s turmeric crop."

"And the city of they lived also known as “Turmeric City”." - David

Affected by local influence, David's ancestor also involved the turmeric in food and traditional remedy. The method to produce the essential oils were developed at that time. After that, they even bring back the seed of turmeric to Pennysylvania. And educated the next generations about the methods of planting and usage of Turmeric.

"When think backward, my family never had any brain disorder disease like dementia." - David


Astounded, Dr. Swirk suspected the ability of David had something to do with this traditional oil. He wanted to unveil the secret behind that old family recipe for the world.

"When David gave me his family recipe, I didn't expect how much of an effect it would have on my mind."

"When I monitored my brain activity over the month I used it, And compared it to before I started."

"I saw that my neurons were more active!"

"Making over 30% more connections than before."

"It helps by directly stimulating my hippocampus, which is the memory and learning center of the brain."

"Triggering the brain's neuron activity throughout the prefrontal cortex."

"Increasing our long-term memory's retention capabilities." - Dr Swirk

Dr. Swirk knew that further analysis on the recipe's composition had to be done. And after running tests on its ingredients, he realized the key ingredient was Curcumin, the main natural polyphenol found in the Turmeric.

"This was a huge breakthrough for us."

"The scent of Curcumin essence extract from Turmeric has compound that stimulates brain cells and neural activity."

"Which has a profound impact on the human brain." - Dr Swirk

when the Cmeric™ was founded

Dr. Swirk worked together with his team to enhance its potency. Developing their own special distillation method after years of study. Which increases the efficacy of the oil by over 120%.

Finally creating something they called Cmeric™.

"We think Cmeric™ is the greatest discovery of the century."

"When used by either scent diffusion or massaged into the temple."

"It triggers the nervous system to send more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the brain."

"Which help to preserve existing neurons while encouraging the production of new ones."

"Resulting in significantly improved cognitive and mental capacity."

"Along with a longer-lasting memory and heightened concentration."

"This prevents the brain from declining while bringing the latent potential to the surface."

"Ensuring mental clarity and boosting high-level problem-solving ability."

"All achieved with the help of Cmeric™." - Dr Swirk

The Cmeric™

When a first trial of Cmeric™ commenced, David was one of the first users of Cmeric™. After the trial, he talks about his experience with it.

"So it does help having these memories because I don't feel the loss as much as most people, because I feel like I can go back to that day or time with that person."

"It's very therapeutic to go back to these times and these memories."

"I feel like I'm still with them in a way." - Davod

Before launching Cmeric™, a big clinical trial was conducted with over 1,500 participants, and over 97% of users reported better memory retention in just 2 weeks

For 79-year-old participant Johnny Strek, the trial was much more than a success:

"I had stage 4 Alzheimer's and was told a cure would be impossible."

"At times, I forget where I am or who my family was."

"I was in a state of confusion at every waking hour, it's terrifying."

"My son then brought me to participate in Dr. Swirk's trial."

"And I couldn't believe how much the treatment reduced my symptoms!"

"I'm happy I could recognize my family again, especially my grandson."

"Weeks later, I'm finally caring for myself without trounbling my son."

"I'm so glad for Cmeric™, and grateful my family didn't give up on me."

act before it's too late

Our most important ability is memory. As a matter of fact, that's the most important ability of every living animal.

Imagine if human did not have memory, there wouldn't be human beings.

Approximately 10 million people are diagnosed with dementia every year. But we can definitely eliminate its symptoms and live healthy lives.

No one ever has needlessly lose their memories.

Get Cmeric™ today to prevent the inevitable.

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