The historical making of this 101 year-old mother and her son reunion is finally achieved

Published on  APRIL 4th, 2021 | Written by Madison manchester, senior editor

" Sang-chul, my son, finally! I missed you so much... "

After the unwillingly long separated during war, they finally reunited

Mrs Kim Sumgeim and her son were forcefully spilt up to escape devastating battlefields, when war broke out between the two Koreas in 1950.

A separation that would last forever...

"He looks exactly like how I've pictured thousands of times."

"I've lived so long just to see him once again!"

Behind this incredible reunion lies the most captivating story,

All that's left was a picture of him

After the war, Mrs Kim was forced to built a new life in Seoul without her son. Since then, Mrs Kim wished nothing but to look for her lost son, Sang-chul. 

With her insistence, she finally got her son's whereabouts.

"I received a letter with news of my lost family from Red Cross." 

"My son is still alive in North Korea!"

"But it mean that I will never meet him again until the reunion of both country."

"I just hope I can live long enough to see for that day."

However, her wish was shattered when she turned 57. She had a terrible illness that nearly killed her! 

not given any hope

The doctor said it would be a miracle if she survived. Her family didn't give up, they kept praying and getting help. Finally, they found this mysterious Doctor.

Dr Heo Gyeom comes from a family of specialist doctors. Since Joseon Dynasty for 50 generations. 

His forefathers served as physician to the Korean Emperor. He was one of the longest reigning Emperor's doctors who was alive at that time. He inherited the ancient Korean medical techniques from his family lineage.

This knowledge and technique has been collected by his family for centuries! Since this treatment is limited to the Korean Emperors. Then his medical secret was kept until 2018 when he died at the age of 106

They call this ancient medical technique as "Yuilhan Ma-eum".

A precious wisdom passed down

Before he died, he passed on his career and his lifelong research to us. 

The sole of the foot is the basis of our lives. However, our immune system will degenerate as we age. Damaged cells or harmful bacteria in the body have proven to be the main causes of sleep problems, headaches, dizziness, and cancer.

It will have a huge impact on our body. If we apply the herbs down to the bottom of our feet, it absorbs all the benefits of herbs throughout our body and create a strong foundation for our bodies.

It help reduce inflammation and helps all the systems in our body at its best. And increase the number of "Lymphocytes", the main types of immune cells. It fights against harmful bacteria that should not be present in our body, and recovers damage caused by toxins free of processed foods, pollutants, and chemicals in water.

Using the same technique, he created a foot patch with a mixture of Dokudami herb, and named it Cloyal™.

The Cloyal™

Cloyal™ allows our soles to absorb all the benefits of Dokudami healing, at the same time release toxins and harmful bacteria in our body.

It cures disease and frees us from getting sick!

Dr Heo tested this creation for thousands of people in Korea. 98.7% of them claimed that they can cure their health problems right away!

Users who have tried this patch respond that it is very effective in relieving back pain, knees, joints and headaches.

Some says it improves their sleep quality and reduces insomnia. By just sticking it to our feet every night before sleep and we get healthier

most effective treatement

This health patch is perfect for anyone. An active individual, a busy worker, or an athlete. Enjoy full body healing treatments while we are sleeping.

"The next day, my body felt more relaxed and energized."

"I felt stronger. It was the easiest, painless treatment of my life."

"On day 7, I was able to walk again."

"On day 12, I felt like I was recovering, I had the energy to practice Zen Yoga!"

"I use this health patch every night."

"Every time after using it, I feel like I can do anything!" - Mrs Kim

This foot patch does not only giving a healthy life to Mrs Kim, but the hope for her to reunite with her son. Eventually, heaven blesses the diligent... 

The best news received

Mrs Kim finally waited for the news she've been hoping for all her life. She received an invitation from Red Cross for inter-Korean family reunion. That means she can finally reunite with her long lost son.

Mrs Kim was asked in a recent interview. What is your secret of the longevity?

"All thanks to Cloyal™ foot patch that support me to this day, the day I can finally see my son."

"Even though maybe this is the last time I saw him, but this is the precious memory of my life."

"I hope more people knows this foot patch and use it to relieve body aches, illnesses, and stress."

"Enjoy the bonding time with family."

You have nothing to lose, except your Health problems

People around the world are now using this foot patch to improve blood circulation. Are you ready to become healthier?

By using this foot patch, you can relieve your body aches, improve blood circulation, remove toxins, and gain back the energy you once had!

This can be achieved by simply sticking the foot patches under your feet.

Cloyal™ foot patch can transforn your life too.

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