The conjoined Twins 

Published on  march 26th, 2021 | Written by David cornor, senior editor

All the mums know that your first pregnancy is nerve-racking and those ultrasounds can have you on pin and needles.

When Amin and Jamie Stalk got pregnant for the first time, Amin had a funny gut feeling. She knew it would be a twins. Amin was right but what their doctor told them at their next ultrasound appointment changed their life plans.

He looked at them and said the babies joined somewhere in the lower region...

Diagnosed to be conjoined

Knowing her baby was conjoined, Amin's heart dropped.

"I just remember looking at the ceiling and I tuned out."

"In the end, the doctor gave us a choice between: "

"Living with conjoined babies with a survival rate of 15%,"

"Or sugically split them apart with a success rate of only 50%."

"It was a tough decision but I can't bear to lose either of them."

"Everyday they grew inside of me, my love for them grew even more."

"Even after they were born, I've never stopped pleading to doctors."

"I know surgery is risky, but it's their only chance for survival. "- Amin Stalk

The surgery

After a few years of delibration and research to plan for surgery, Dr. Bob Norrel from John Hopkin's head of neurosurgeries Was called to perform a grueling 25-hour surgery in the operating theatre.

After much blood and sweat from the hospital, and tears from the parents, the twins were successfully divided into their individual selves.

"In my 20 years as a surgeon, this was my most challenging moment."

"The surgery was a monumental breakthrough in the medical industry."

"Brain scans shows both functioning at normal levels"

"And they could go on to live healthy, regular lives - Dr. Norrel"

Little did anyone know, the twins grew up very different from one another. Until they were 5, elder sister Kate excelled at everything while growing up. She spoke well, could reenact her favorite cartoons and study. But the same couldn't be said for Luna.

"Luna threw tantrums every day, suddenly shouting at everyone."

"She couldn't focus on any task, be it reading, writing or watching TV."

"One night, I had the shock of my life when Luna's body wouldn't stop jerking"

"A few minutes later, she was a full-on epilepsy in bed." - Amin Stalk

yet another challenge

Luna was rushed to the hospital, and Dr. Norrel was called to her attention, where they carried out tests to determine the cause of this.

"Tests show that part of Luna's frontal lobe is underdeveloped."

"It's a part of the brain that determines how one learns and focus."

"Compared to her twin Kate, the size even seems to be shrinking!"

"Decreasing the brain's ability to make connections with surrounding neurons"

"Causing mood swings, decreased intellect, and a sense of losing focus"

"It's a phenomenon usually seen in the aging brains of the elderly"

"Especially those diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer's" 

"But it's an unpredictable outcome to Luna's mind years later." - Dr Swirk

As a neurosurgeon that's been trying to prevent this deterioration, Dr. Norrel saw this as an opportunity to test a prototype from way back.

The korean Doctors' little secret

While studying in Korea years ago, Dr. Norrel noticed how every local doctor was extremely bright, no matter their age. Some doctors were as young as 18, while the oldest was at 96

When Dr. Norrel struggled with his studies and research, he couldn't help but asked his Korean peers how they coped. That's when one of his peers brought him to the Naejangsa (내장사)

It's said to be a place of worship to the God of Learning and Knowledge, where every spring, Korea's top scholars and students gather to pray for intelligence and wisdom surrounded by the full bloom of Clary Sage plants.

"After my visit, I actually felt more focused than ever before!"

"I could absorb lectures in a foreign language at lightning speed."

"And aced every exam I took from the university."

"That's how I graduated early and got on the Dean's list in the same year."

"In a way, I'm the surgeon I am today all thanks to the shrine."- Dr. Norrel

the real answer

Dr. Norrel returned to determine the cause for his sudden change. And found the scent of a fully bloomed Clary Sage was his answer!

Going to the shrine was a norm to locals, so they thought it as dive worship. But they never realized it was actually centuries of undiscovered science all along!

"I took samples for research and found components of Alpha Terpinols, a compound therapeutic to brain growth and a natural antioxidant."

"It prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine in our brains which help us learn new information and prevent the brain from shrinking."

"Luna's mind is young and should be constantly growing unlike adults." 

"Which makes this the perfect key to unlocking Luna's complication."  - Dr. Norrel

Luna's parents were instructed to apply the solution onto her temples and used it with a diffuser every night before bed.

The cure

Over the next month, the results exceeded beyond anyone's expectations.

"Luna has been behaving at her best every day since!"

"Her epilepsy episodes never returned and lives tantrum-free!"

"She's always smiling, reading and reciting from her favorite books."

"Best of all, she's getting along with her sister like two peas in a pod."

"Both of them could even complete homework at grade school leves"

"I'm happy I could recognize my family again, especially my grandson."

"It's wonderful, and my heart is so full seeing both daughters happy." - Amin Stalk

They went back to Dr. Norrel for assessments, and even he was impressed.

"Luna's MRI results showed millions od neurons actively transmitting information."

"And branches of newly developed neurons forming complicated networks"

"Compared to months ago, her brain is now growing at a stable pace."  - Dr. Norrel

Dr. Norrel foresaw how this could help anyone overcome huge mental obstacles and wasted no time to gather a team of biochemist and neuroscientist to refine his formula using state-of-the art hydro-distillation methods.

Years of development later, he called his creation Clavia™.


Made with the purest extract of Clary Sage known to date, Clavia™ works by channeling Alpha-Terpinols through the olfactory system, which act as a catalyst to trigger the growth of the neurons in brain

Nurturing the growth of the dendrites in billions of neurons, bridging their connections and ensuring they're forever linked. Clavia™ increases the brain's cognitive reasoning skills and memory retention, and helps one to achieve their brain's core concentration abilities without sacrificing mental fatigue and brain cell decline.

"It stretches the extent of the human's maximal memory retention capacity."

"And boosts brain power tenfold even after one ages for decades!" - Dr. Norrel

Since its launch, Clavia™ received praises from scholars to professors everywhere. Nurturing over 100,000 users to be the top minds of the world. 

Today, one of those brilliant minds is none other than 15-year-old Luna herself!

"Honestly, the first few years of my life was a dark blur to me."

"But after years later, I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel."

"With the help of Dr. Norrel's Clavia™ everything changed!"

"It's like the clouds opened up and I finally saw that I've been missing in life."

"Now, whatever I picked up to learn, I would absorb in an instant!"

"That's how my sister and I raced through high school together."

"We're graduating early, and became our school's first covaledictorian twins!"

Act before it's too late

Even though Luna and Kate fought for their lives the moment they were born.

But they've beaten every odds to become the bright, young minds they're meant to be.

Clearly that Clavia™ is helping people reach beyond their destiny.

Unfortunetely, supply of Clary Sage are limited during this difficult season.

But it's never too late to unlock your mind's full potential.

So, break barriers with Clavia™ and get your share od the world today.

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