Child prodigy - the world's youngest astronomer

Published on  APRIL 4th, 2021 | Written by Madison manchester, senior editor

"Hi, my name is Tanishq, and I'm eight and a half years old."

Meet Tanishq Abraham, the world's youngest astronomer.

At the age of 8, Tanishq had discovered a Supernova through an Astronomy Project with the IQ of 230, surpassing 99.98% of people around the globe.

"Tanishq retains difficult concepts better than any other student that I've actually ever had."

"I've taken Tanishq under my wing because he has such potential."

"His challenges are that he is at an intellect level here and yet he is still a very kind and happy eight-year-old."

Although being a one-in-a-million child prodigy, Tanishq's life was not a smooth sailing from the start.
Tanishq had experienced the worst nightmare during his childhood

from Abandoned to happily adopted

Tanishq was first found abandoned by his birth parents. Luckily, Mr. and Mrs. Abraham found him just in time, and brought him to a hospital for extra caring.

Worse during diagnosis, the doctor found out that Tanishq was born prematurely, and his brain was under developed.

Tanishq was announced to suffer from intellectual disability by the doctors, which would cause decreased ability to learn and function in daily life, problem with speech and more.

But Mr. and Mrs. Abraham saw this as a sign from God, and decided to adopt Tanishq as their child. Yet, even with all their love and care, they did not see the worst coming.

"There's a lot of stress, both emotional and physical."

"I just don't want him to give up hope."

hardship during childhood

During his toddlerhood, Tanishq kept crying day and night, and nothing they did could comfort him.

Throughout his elementary school days, Tanishq was always distracted and had trouble controlling his emotion. And occasionally, he would have seizures.

Because of this, he was constantly picked on and outcasted for being abnormal. Even the teachers had lost hope in him.

Despite his poor results and distractive behavior which affected other students, Mr. and Mrs. Abraham never gave up on him.

"In the public school system he had a lot of problems being challenged."

"That's kind of where we ended up going fully home schooled."

Mr. and Mrs. Abraham tried all sorts of methods to try to help him focus, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), social skills training, coupled with prescribed medication and supplements. But none of them worked.

Until one day, Mrs. Abraham bought a new essential oil for her meditation routine.

A miracle oil

When Mrs Abraham diffused the oil and the scent from the oil spreaded throughout the house, she noticed that Tanishq became more calm.

From that on, Mrs. Abraham decided to diffuse the oil during their home schooling. Surprisingly, Tanishq was able to concentrate, and was able to pick up the knowledge way easier than before.

In a couple of weeks, Tanishq's intellct was improving drastically.

"He just jumped from kindergarten level to third grade level."

In six months, Tanishq was able to finish his primary and secondary education.

Puzzled by all these past events, Mr. and Mrs. Abraham decided to brought Tanishq for Mensa's IQ test, and the result were truly shocking as Tanishq recorded an IQ of 230. Placing him in the top 1% of the world.

He was accepted into Mensa at the age of six. His extraordinary feat did not stop there. Tanishq eventually went on to Harvard at 9, and is currently majoring in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Tanishq's extraordinary performance caught the attention of one of the world's renowned neuroscientist professors, Dr. Edward Whitfield.

the scent of Chamomile

Dr. Edward was intrigued by how Tanishq could make it this far despite his compromised learning abilities, and so, he decided to investigate further on Tanishq, and found out the oil that Mrs. Abraham uses everyday.

After analysing the oil, Dr. Edward found the answer to Tanishq's tremendous improvement.

"It was Chamomile all along!"

"Chamomile, sometimes referred as German chamomile, is an herb that is native to Europe, Africa, and Asia."

"Chamomile has been used medicinally for thousands of years and was known by ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian cultures."

"The active ingredients in chamomile are chamazulene, apigenin, and bisabolol,"

"Which helps the formation of dendrites and axons in brains and improving their communication,"

"Improving cognitive memory, combating brain abnormalities, and memory disorders."

"Ultimately results in stability in mental, memory and learning improvement." Dr. Edward

The Chamce™

Dr. Edward knew he was onto something big, And formed a team of experts to research further into the ability of Chamomile.

And finally, by using recent technology, they managed to condense Chamomile into its purest form, creating an amplified formula which is 10 times more effective than the original.

He decided to call it Chamce™.

"Scent is the best way to stimulate our brain."

"A human has approximately 400-450 different olfactory receptors responsible to trigger cerebral receptors,"

"Speeding up neuron responses and communication signals"

"Which impacts our thinking processes."

"Chamce™ has the ability to maximize the potential of our olfactory bulb"

"Through the scent of Chamce™, up to 367 olfactory receptors will respond."

"It acts as a catalyst that stimulates the olfactory bulbs linked to the cerebral cortex"

"To provide substantial enhancement in focus and memory capacity." - Dr. Edward

the launch

Chamce™ has officially launched after conducted multiple clinical trials, and proven a tremendous cognitive improvement on 99.84% of the volunteers. Tanishq is one of them.

"The most fun thing for him is learning."

"Sometimes when people ask, 'What do you do for fun time?' he says 'I just learn"

"And people just can't understand that."

"His family is just so receptive to anything that can help him"

"And clearly without their support he wouldn't have the opportunities"

"If he's good enough in physics, truly a genius one day, and finds a way to travel across the stars,"

"That's my selfish wish for Tanishq."

"But I think he should be free to find his way."

"The lesson that we can all learn from Tanishq is look beyond the rules of the game, so to speak,"

"And allow people to perform and excel."

You have nothing to lose

Now people worldwide have achieved greater heights in mental clarity with the help of Chamce™,

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