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The Gold sheen obsidian crystal

Obsidian is a famous natural crystal that connected to the root chakra and is often used to help with grounding, protection, healing. There are different types of beautiful crystal in the obsidian family including black obsidian, rainbow obsidian, and silver obsidian.

Gold sheen obsidian is a rather special and powerful crystal. It shines a significant gold tint within the smooth shining black stone naturally. The obsidian varieties usually come from countries in Central America, like Mexico or Guatemala, where there's a lot of volcanic activity.

There's an origin story for gold sheen obsidian that comes from Mexico, which describes a woman who lost her lover in a war. When she wept for her love, the gods took pity on her, turning her tears into the precious mineraloid.

Cat's Eye Obsidian Bracelet & feng shui

The Cat's Eye Obsidian Bracelet is made of natural gold sheen obsidian, and named after cat's eye as the crystals shine a gold tint within the black crystal just like how a cat's eye looks under light.

Obsidian crystal will protect you from anybad forces, psychic attacks or evil intentions. This stone  will rid your mind of any ailments such as depression or stress, and replace it with calmness and sense of security. Many use it to try to break bad habits and cravings.

Not only is this Feng Shui crystal good for the mind and spirit, but it will also balance theYin and Yang of the body, stabilizing the energies within you. When your body energy is harmonized, luck will comes in and you may get good fortune, career successand more. 

Properties of Cat's Eye Obsidian Bracelet 

  • Transfer positive energy to the wearer, thus brings greater opportunities;
  • Preserves existing capital;
  • Gives luck and well-being to the family;

As more time passes, the fortune bracelet accrue more and more power and strength. Unfortunately, in the modern world, the attitude towards this type of power has been lost and only recently has it regained mainstream attention. 

The obsidian bracelet haven’t lost their strength significance and, to make them work, you only need to believe that it can work for you, have faith on it, then it will assist you.


  • You felt unfortunate and bad luck for the entire time.
  • You easily feel  depress, exhausted and moody.
  • You felt that you need protection from evil spirits.
  • You have no goal and cannot focus on your work.
  • You need to boost your existing businessor start of new business.
  • You are bored with your accessories and need something else outstanding.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Cat's Eye Obsidian Bracelet made of?

The Cat's Eye Obsidian Bracelet is made of natural gold sheen obsidian crystal and was consecrated by monks in temple to possess the power to bless the wearer.

What makes this Obsidian Bracelet different from the rest?

This bracelet had went through consecration on selected auspicious dates which gives the bracelet the power to assist its owner.

Should I wear it on my left hand or right hand?

You may wear the bracelet on your dominant hand, which is the hand you use for writing.

Why should we avoid others from touching the bracelet?

Obsidian Crystal has the power to recognize its owner, and from there it assist its owner. If others touched it, it will absorb magnetic energy or even negative energy from the person. If someone else touched your bracelet, please rinse it with clean water.

What is the measurement of the bracelet?

  • Wrist Measurement: 17-23cm (elastic material allows it to fit on few cm different)
  • Weight: 50g +-
  • Beads Measurement: 10mm Each Obsidian bead

Please allow 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement. 

If my family and friends want it, should I buy it for them too?

With our Buy More Save More program, it is a good idea to buy more bracelet to enjoy the extra savings. What's even better is that when you buy for others, you accumulate good karma that could result in better Feng Shui in your life.

Our Happy Customers

Thousands of verified reviews

Our Happy Customers

Thousands Of Verified Reviews

Real Energy Assistance

Real Energy Assistance

The bracelet might not immediately takes effect, it might takes few weeks, sometimes up to several months, for you to experience the changes. 

You need to always bond with it as you need to let your bracelet recognize that you are the owner and it shall assist you. Gold Obsidian is capable to absorb positive energy to the wearer, harmonizing the energy and thus brings endless good luck, wealth and prosperity.

You will have to believe in its power and let it helps you to gain what you wish for. 

Let the bracelet brings you the best luck, health and fortune you ever dreamed of.

Cat's Eye Obsidian Bracelet

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