the Man with three Hours memory

Published on  APRIL 14th, 2021 | Written by Megan manchester, senior editor

A remarkable and poignant story of a man with one of the worst cases of short memory in the world.

His name is Hugh, he can only remember what happened within 3 hours

He has a wife who spent almost a life time with him. Their relationship had always been restarting over and over again several times a day.

His story began in a car accident about six years ago. Hugh was lucky enough to have survived, but unfortunate enough that his brain was severely injured after the accident.

His memory can only last for 3 hours and he will forget all the moments of the 3 hours. He's forgotten the memory of the previous day when he woke up the next day.

A very inconvenient life

To live a normal life, he tried to jot down important people and things in the notepad. He has to look through it several times a day. Even so, there will be some unexpected situations.

Once, he went out to meet friends. He encountered a big traffic jam. His memory reached the 3 hours limit. Suddenly, he didn't know what to do.

Hugh forgot everything in an instant. He forgot why he was in the car.

"Who am I, where am I, & what am I doing?"

Other than these emergencies, he had forgotten to turn off the water pipe, switch off the electricity, and even stood his friends up.

Getting used to, but not getting better

He was getting used to these. Then, he would bring a lot of notepads and reminders every time he went out. Those short notes reminded him of what he was doing.

Other than the changes in Hugh's life, his wife had to restart their relationship over again several times a day.

Whenever Hugh looked at her blankly and confusedly, she has to remind him to open the notepad. Then, his face was full of surprises.

They always re-watch the videos of their previous travels. Hugh seems to be watching a brand new movie. He failed to recall their wonderful memories during the journey.

Due to the short memory that lasted only for 3 hours, he was strange to his family, friends, and child.

He couldn’t remember his child's look when he was born, and he didn't have any memories in the process of his child growing up. It was scary to him.

He's glad that his wife accompanied him all along. No matter what, he wants to be by her side.

But, he was worried that he would forget to open the notepad one day.

sharing a remedy

His wife planned a trip to Europe and took him back to where he proposed marriage, in hope of stimulating his memory and remembering the memories that belong to them. And the trip then changed Hugh's life thoroughly.

They arrived at the small town of Campodimele, where they chatted with the quick-witted mayor. 53-year-old Alberto has been caring for the folk in town for over 10 years. He could remember every name, address, and phone number of the folks.

He used to be a person with only 3 minutes of memory. Upon listening to Hugh’s story, Alberto said this:

“I know exactly what Hugh is going through right now.”

“I have been running into memory problems for 23 years.”

“Thankfully, my life changed when I met Dr. Masimo and his brainchild.”

He slowly took out a bottle of mystery oil and handed over to Hugh and explain about the oil.

The "Brainchild" - Blossom™

The oil is the brainchild of 30 years of research by Dr. Garner and extracted using steam distillation and natural blends of hydrosols. He spent his whole life trying to curb neurodegenerative diseases and came up with a solution to slow it down entirely.

During his search, he stumbled onto sakura from Japan. It contains Melitidin, a chemical component found only in the petal of sakura that's vital for the development of billions of neurons in the brain.

This is how Dr. Masimo explained the science behind Blossom™:

“The older we get, the harder it is for our brain to develop new skills because of the neurons in our brain breakdown over time.”

“When it fails to regenerate and make new connections, it causes loss of concentration, memory loss, and mood swings.”

“In severe cases, permanent memory deprivation develops and leads to Alzheimer’s.”

“Blossom™ helps by directly stimulating our hippocampus, which is the memory and learning center of the brain.”

“It triggers the brain’s neuron activity throughout the prefrontal cortex and reaches out to form brand new neural pathways, increasing our long-term memory’s retention capabilities.”

“It also activates the amygdala and limbic system, which is responsible for controlling emotions and behavior to prevent spontaneous anxiety and bad decision making.”

“Thus, increasing information processing and critical cognitive skills.”

The worthful trial

Hugh's wife wasn't one to believe in alternative treatments. But the next morning after applying, Hugh can clearly remember yesterday things. Within a week, he remembered all the names, including distant memories.

“I was skeptical at first, but now I’m impressed!”

“Hugh has made such a huge improvement and seemed much happier!”

Hugh finally remembers his wife and children.

"I'm no longer feeling upset due to forgetting to bring the notepad and reminder stickers with me."

"I finally remembered how my wife and I met and fell in love to get married and have children."

"These memories are precious to me."

Positive result from the whole world

Before launching Blossom™, a clinical trial was conducted on over 1,500 participants from various countries, and over 97% of users reported better memory retention in just 2 weeks.

For 89-year-old participant Simon Beth, the trial was much more than a success.

“I had stage 4 Alzheimer’s and was told a cure would be impossible. At times, I forget where I am or who my family was.”

“I was in a state of confusion at every waking hour, it’s terrifying!”

“My son then brought me to participate in Dr. Masimo’s trial, and I couldn’t believe how much the treatment reduced my symptoms!”

“I’m happy I could recognize my family again, especially my grandson. Weeks later, I’m finally caring for myself without troubling my son.”

“I’m so glad for Blossom™ and grateful that my family didn’t give up on me.”

“Our memory shapes who we are, and losing it gives us no purpose.”

“It’s a scary thought, but I’m hoping no one has to live like this anymore.”

“I truly believe Blossom™ will change many other lives for the better.”

It is now or never

All people regardless of age and gender, there are still many people in this world who suffer from memory loss.

But we can eliminate its symptoms and live better, healthier lives.

No one ever has to needlessly lose their memories.

Get Blossom™ today to prevent the inevitable memory decline.