the modern young DaVinci - Genius painter

Published on  September 8th, 2020 | Written by Madison manchester, senior editor

"She was 4 years old when I knew there was something special about her."

Meet 13-year-old Akiana Cramarika. She is known as the modern young DaVinci.

Akiana is an art prodigy from Idaho. She developed an intense in sketching. By 5 years old, she was already drawing at a level way beyond her years.

The truth is she wasn't born a genius. In fact, she was caught in an accident during her birth. She was strangled by her umbilical cord, causing her brain to starved for oxygen for more than 5 minutes.

She could not breathe when given birth, the doctors were going to announce her dead.
Fortunately, the complication was resolved, and she was successfully born. But the accident caused her to be affected by Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy(HIE), which resulted in brain disorder, and permanent developmental delay.

Survived with a brain disorder

The doctor announced her a tragic life as she would be intellectually disabled for life. During her babyhood, Akiana kept crying day and night.

Hoping that Akiana had a normal childhood experience, her parents sent her to preschool when she was 3 years old. However, Akiana had lots of meltdowns at the preschool.

She was always distracted, and was unable to focus in class. The class was often in a mess due to her disrupting behavior.

A few months later, Akiana was politely asked to be withdrawn.

Not giving up on her

Despite the hardship, her parents did not give up on her. Persistently, they put their whole hearts into finding ways to help Akiana.

They took her to play therapies, art class, behavioral and emotional skills trainings, and speech therapy. Though unfortunately, nothing worked.

But one day, things began to change.

Akiana's mother noticed that Akiana was surprisingly calm. And that she was really focusing on drawing.

She deduced that she might have picked up the skill in her art class. She thought that art could help Akiana. So for months, Akiana's parents would observe Akiana's newfound capabilities.

Unexpectedly, she became better and better. She would frequently describes her visions and imaginations to her parents.

"Myself I thought she was dreaming."

"I thought there was something made out of imagination."

"But when she started describing more and more."

"It became apparent that this was actually something that did happen."

Road to become a professional painter

By 8, Akiana was painting portraits on giant canvases. With no artists on her family, she was completely self-taught.

In search for answers, Akiana's parents took Akiana to see her doctor.

The doctor was stumped by Akiana's progress. Out of his depths, he referred Akiana to a neuroscience researcher.

Dr. Frederick is the best in his field and has 30 years experienceresearching the brain. Initially, he suspected that by attending art classes had stimulated her brain abilities.

But after a house visit, Dr. Frederick found the unexpected answer.

It was the scent of Arosa™.

Akiana's mother loved the smell of Vetiver, and diffused it all over the house.

The Arosa™

"Scent is the most effective way to stimulate the brain."

"A typical scent triggers up to 187 olfactory receptors."

"However, Arosa™'s unique scent can trigger up to 565 olfactory receptors."

"What's more, it has the ability to reach the brain within 22 seconds!"

"Imagine bypassing a congested road."

"Arosa™ can help creating an efficient traffic in the frontal lobes."

"Leading to improved memory, problem solving skill and mental clarity."

Clinical Trial

Akiana was quickly put on a clinical trial with Arosa™.

To Dr. Frederick's surprise, he found out that in just one week of exposure to Arosa™, Akiana's brain performance had increased by 5%

"Research has always shown that our brain ability is determined by the age of 5."

"But our clinical trial with Arosa™ has brought a amazing new understanding."

"With intensive olfactory stimulation, it is possible to boost brain performance at all age."

Akiana's incredible development continued to amazed everyone. Described by art crtics as a phenomenal talent.

She has now produced more than 100 paintings ranging from realist portraits to fantastic landscapes and the natural world.

Now she's selling her prints of her work at a local gallery. She has come for a meet and greet with some of her fans.

"Have you ever had any visions of heaven?"

"Actually for a couple of years at 4 to 7 years old."

"I had constant visions of heaven and I used those visions, and I paint them."

Her incredible story and talent has inspired many others that no one is too dumb or old to learn.

"She's really been in touch with another dimension."

"That is not common to our normal human experience."

"It's definitely projected. She definitely like a projector form God onto a canvas."

A whole new life

An artist since the age of 4, this is no mere hobby for Akiana. She's getting better each day and she'll definitely achieve so much more. 

Thanks to the wonder of Arosa. She is able to able to paint up to 5 hours a day, 6 days a week.

"Sometimes there are days, sometimes when she's finishing up a painting."

"She might paint for 12-14 hours."

"And I would ask her to take breaks."

"Have something to eat or drink."

"And sometimes she would refuse."

Akiana is striving forward, and she's not going to stop.

Act before it is too late

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