the Groom Finally Walks Down the aisle with his bride after being paralyzed for 7 years

Published on  APRIL 4th, 2021 | Written by Madison manchester, senior editor

The couple that touched America's heart.

He defied all odds by walking his beautiful bride up the aisle despite being paralyzed from the neck down.

"She gave me so much confidence myself and..."

"She was such a passionate, hard-working individual"

"And she just like lifted me up."

"I know that with us together, we are stronger together. She's special."

Their story started when 27-year-old Chris Hamilton suffered the devastating injury during a high school football game in 2010

 He was told he'd never walk again

"The morning of October 16, 2010, just felt like any other game my head collides right with these legs."

"I'm trying to push off the ground but nothing's working."

Chris was airlifted to a local hospital. After numerous tests with MRIs and cat scans, the doctor delivered the news that changed his whole life.

"The doctor comes in, 'Chris you're never gonna move anything in your legs...'"

"'Ever again.'"

Chris was immobilized from the neck down due to a fracture of the vertebrae C3 and C4, and was immediately put into surgeries.

When the surgeries are done, the doctor announced that he only had a 3% chance to get back anything below the neck. He will be relying on wheelchair for his life and unable to take care of himself.

Try to sort things out

Chris was unable to accept this outcome. He was devastated, and wanted to do anything to not be the 97%. And so, he started his physical rehabilitations, coupled with medication therapy to get back on his feet.

He tried the hardest he could but unfortunately, even after one year, there's little to no sign of improvement at all.

Chris felt completely defeated, but he didn't want to give up just yet. He kept training and training for years, hoping that one day he can finally stand up on his legs, and God had not give up on him.

One day, he met his life's turning point, Emily, at a local restaurant. They took interest of each other, and Chris gathered up his courage to approach her.

"We started talking, he started talking to me and I remember looking him up..."

"and found out more information about his story and everything, I'm very curious."

"He seemed so positive, like how can he be this positive when you're dealing with so much adversity,"

"and so many different challenges every day."

A help just in need - ΖΩΗ™ Healing Soap

Surprisingly, Emily is a expert Orthopedist in town. After knowing Chris's story, Emily wanted to help him get back on his feet. And so, she dived into her research to find the best way to help him, and found the perfect ingredient: Ginseng.

Ginseng is the root of plants in the genus Panax, and has been used in traditional medicine over centuries.

It contains high amount of Ginsenosides and Gintonin, which is very helpful in improving brain functions, boosting immune system, helps in muscle development, reduces physical and mental fatigue and promotes muscle energy.

It's potent amount of antioxidant also helps in reducing inflammation and improving antioxidant activity in cells.

With this knowledge, Emily put together a team of experts and with the help of modern technologies, they successfully invented a soap that can help Chris get back on his feet.

They decided to call it ΖΩΗ™ Healing Soap.

The proposal

With the help of Emily, Chris started to bath with the soap everyday.

Surprisingly, after continuously using the soap for a month, Chris was able to stand up again!

It was at the moment that Chris realized, Emily was the one thing that he ever need in his life.

"Emily really kind of took it upon herself that like I wanna see this happen."

"Like I want you to do this."

Soon, Chris proposed to Emily.

They made a promise to walk down the wedding aisle together, side by side.

When two becomes one

At their wedding, holding him up during the vows, Chris got up again, to walk down the aisle as husband and wife.

"You just felt that like people were being touched and impacted by this,"

"And to know that we're capable of doing that, we're capable of impacting others by what we do by what we say."

With their incredible achievement, Chris and Emily wanted to help people around the world who suffers the same fate as Chris. They were able to make ΖΩΗ™ Healing Soap available anywhere around the world. 

"We've raised over 800,000 to benefit other people with sport injuries and other neurological disorder"

"Just to help them get back to their life."

"Together I know we can make such a great impact with our passions but also just to make an example."

You have nothing to lose, except your pain

Since the launch of ΖΩΗ™ Healing Soap, millions of people had achieve a better life with it's help.

ΖΩΗ™ not only helps getting a healthier body, but also gives people a second chance to chase their dreams in life.

It's never too late to change your life.

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