WonderSlim™ Patch

People who struggle with obesity or even just an extra 10 pounds may be on the lookout for a quick way to shed some weight. A healthy diet with a good exercise program is the best option. However, certain over-the-counter (OTC) weight loss products also make many get-thin-quick promises. For example, weight loss patches helps to promote fast and easy weight loss.

So we are proudly to present WonderSlim™ Patch - It will help to burn the fat and loses your weight, detoxification process helps improve your body metabolism while you are sleeping.

Healthy Detoxification

WonderSlim™ Patch consists of Natural Ingredients and No Preservatives - Sophoricoside / Catechin / Capsaicin / Caffeine / Sallcornia herbacaa. Natural body contouring wraps help draw out toxins, oils, impurities and excess water to tone and tighten arms, thighs and stomach. 

Besides, Capsicin helpbreak down fat and cellulite. The metabolic system and stimulate fat better. Caffeine helps to break down cellulite and fat. The breakdown of fat and cellulite, as well as the ability to adjust.The circulation of the blood and maintain normal skin temperature.

All you need to do is simply paste before going to sleep! Persisting for 8 hours, Long effect! This patch will targets only fat / cellulite on and around the Belly. Care of the fat on the stomach.


1. Wash and dry the area you want the apply the wraps.(confirm the skin is dry)

2. Open it and remove the film on the patch.

3. Place the wraps on the area gently (abdomen, thigh, hip, upper arm)

4. Apply the adhesive bandage on the warp

Noted: You are advised use it daily 1 pc, should not be posted more than 8 hours each time, the foil directly attached to the skin.4-weeks per course of treatment. Insist on a course ,You will have the perfect body!

* The effect is different from person to person

What Does Everyone Say About 

WonderSlim™ Patch?


From UK


"The first time I got these, I got leg patches and had to send them back!... I reordered them and happy I got the belly ones well it's my first day so hopefully these work #FingersCrossed 🤞🤞"

Sophie Cooper Bristol

From Canada

Do not Hesitate to get one!

"Thanks,I've use those before so I know they work ,I do it twice a week but I do it over night then day I prefer that,so would recommend this"


From Sydney

Trim my flabby belly

"The product works if you follow the instructions on here, I felt it working from day 1.

The only down side I have is the little of pain when taking it off after 9 hours and the fact I have to use water to remove the excess residue and then shower after."

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