Let Painheal™ Soap Wash Away your Pain

The Ultimate Compressive Solution For Chronic Pain

Painheal™ Soap – A premium soap for every day use developed for active people especially for someone suffer from chronic pain of body. 

Handmade using 100% natural products this soap cleanses the body while at the same time its active ingredients of Okinawa salt and essential oils such as wintergreen, juniper berry, cedar wood etc. aid in relieving muscle pain and joint soreness, healing skin abrasions and removing any bacteria that may have accumulated on the skin following physical exertion.

Studies on the effectiveness on Painheal™ Soap have shown the following:

 Protect & support tendon
 Relieves back pain, headache & muscle fatigue
 Improved strength & mobility
 Prevents injury

 Reduced swelling
 Alleviates osteoarthritis
 Promotes healing
 Maintain healthy skin
 Faster recovery post-surgery

 Increased blood circulation

Benefits of the Painheal™ Ingredients:

Okinawa Salt: stimulate blood circulation, heal wounds, bruising, soothes muscles aches, reduce inflammation
Rosemary Extract: antimicrobial and antioxidant.
Vitamin E Oil: promotes healing and is an active ingredient which helps maintain healthy skin.
Oatmeal: provides a luffering effect when cleansing and helps heal the skin and open pores.
Lemon: Stimulates white blood cells, increasing circulation – therefore an increase in immunity and fighting disease. 
May Chang (Litsea Cubeba): used in to assist relation to back pain, headache and muscle fatigue.
Lime: has antiseptic properties, anti-oxidant, muscle pain, joint pain, anti-arthritic.
Wintergreen: anti-inflammatory and aids in reducing muscle soreness and fatigue.

All blended in a special formula to optimize recovery, healing and performance. 

how to use

Lather Painheal™ with your wet hands and apply it to your pain area. Massage the body part with Painheal™ for 5 minutes. It is done after you rinse it off!

or you can take a bath to more relax your muscle and speed up the process of recovery.  
* For best results, use daily


Pain no More!

" This really works for me. I been battling leg cramp for over a year. I have been to the doctor but nothing work. There were days were I could go anywhere or do anything because I was in pain or sore. I have been using this for about a week and the pain just gone its been such a blessing. "

KEL Marks, CA

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Remarkable product for elders

" I bought it for my mum, she has suffer back pain for a long time. Initially I still doubt of, just bought it for minor hope. But I was surprised when my mum use it for about 3 days, she finally can 

get up from bed and go downstairs by herself. This is what I never expected, I will continue buy it definitely"

Cooper Bristol, ny

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Do not hesitate to buy it!

" I suffer chronic pain in my neck and back, along with stiffness due to degenerative disc disease caused by an accident years ago, regular chiropractic visits and massages are a necessity, until my new insurance no longer covers them--forcing me to look for alternatives. This item is the closest thing I have found to a miracle. I think I have bought over 10 pcs and use it daily for 1 month. Now my situation already better alot than before and my husband, who has lower-back pain and blood circulation issues, is using it. He actually stands on it barefoot and swears by it! We are both very happy and we highly recommend this! "


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