Experience the Acupressure Way to Healing

 Medipro™ Mat

Thousands of years ago, ancient gurus and yogis are believed to be practicing meditation while sitting or lying down on a bed of nails. Though it has been practiced for centuries, no one understood why; not until lately when an acupuncturist had a breakthrough that showed lying down on a bed of nails heightens mental focus by stimulating blood circulation and improving blood flow. This leads to a form of therapeutic healing, not only for the body, but also for the mind.

Combined with the well-established healing wonders of acupuncture and acupressure, the  MEDIPRO™ MAT was created. This spike-filled mat is designed to target acupoints that lie along meridians in the body resulting in healing and improvement of bodily systems.

How Does the MEDIPRO™ MAT Work?

The  MEDIPRO™ MAT Work is an innovative alternative to the traditional acupuncture and acupressure therapies. It's basically a rollable mat designed with 8,820 spikes that target the pressure points on your back.

Unlike its traditional predecessors that only stimulate specific acupoints, the  MEDIPRO™ MAT stimulates many points all at once, providing an instant surge of relief. Lying on these spikes enables you to achieve a deep state of relaxation that reduces any form of physical and mental tension. Moreover, these pointy clusters help improve your mentality, and results in the release of endorphins, which in turn stimulates the release of Oxytocin, the feel-good hormone responsible in calming the nerves and pain relief.

It gives you an overall therapeutic effect on your health and well-being from the mind to the body.

The MEDIPRO™ MAT Structure

The mat contains 210 lotus clusters that have 42 spikes. All in all, there are 8,820 spikes strategically placed to target the acupoints along the back's meridians, which are invisible channels wherein energy flows.

The mat consists of memory foam made of 100% cotton, crafted and sewn for maximum comfort. Each lotus spike cluster is sewn, not glued, so you are guaranteed of its extra durability.

* For best results, use daily


  • Relieves body aches and pains
  • Alleviates muscular tension and body soreness
  • Stimulates the release of Oxytocin, the hormone responsible for a good mood and pain relief
  • Promotes healthier blood circulation
  • Improves overall health for mind & body
  • Elevates the mood and helps with anxiety and depression
  • Reduces insomnia

How to Use the MEDIPRO™ MAT

If it is your first time, we recommend wearing a shirt or laying over a towel or sheet first to reduce the initial intensity of the spikes. As you use it more frequently, you will be able to use the mat on your bare skin for even better results.

Simply lay the mat on a flat surface (can be your bed, the floor or the couch) and lay down on the mat. Find your most comfortable position and make sure your body weight is evenly distributed as you lay down.

Lay on it for 20 to 40 minutes to acquire its full relaxing benefits.


Pain no More!

" When I first received this and felt how hard the spikes were, I was worried. After a few weeks getting used to it, I absolutely loved it. It does take some time to get used to, but it works best when done on bare skin. I currently use it whenever I feel restless or have any sort of back pain. I frequently fall asleep on the mat when relaxing before bed. It provides a full body relaxation that is much needed after a long day of work "

KEL Marks, CA

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Product was exactly as expected

" It really helps if you suffer any back pain. I have been having back aches almost every day, sometimes even until a point that I can’t fall asleep. I used this mat while sitting on a chair and on the floor too! This mat is big enough to cover my entire back, and I feel an instant relief. It really helped with my back pain and neck pain which I got from long hours of working in front of the computer. Highly recommended, it really makes your life a whole lot easier. "

Cooper Bristol, ny

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I feel Relax!

" I suffer chronic pain in my neck and back, along with stiffness due to degenerative disc disease caused by an accident years ago, regular chiropractic visits and massages are a necessity, until my new insurance no longer covers them--forcing me to look for alternatives. This item is the closest thing I have found to a miracle. The pointy things on the mat helped loosening the stiffness and provided relief for my shoulders and back. Now my husband, who has lower-back pain and blood circulation issues, is using it. He actually stands on it barefoot and swears by it! We are both very happy and we highly recommend this! "


✔  Verified Purchase

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