Gynze™ Essential Oil

A natural elixir that Helps in recovery and pain relieve

We often overlooked on our health condition while pursuing for achievements in our jobs, wealth and more. Without health, how are we going to enjoy the wealth and fame we pursued all these while?

There are various existing methods in order to maintain our health, from supplements, to regular exercises, or even diets. However most people think that these methods are either costly, time consuming or required patient, which is why people tend to disregard their own health. What if there is something that cost little money, little time and effective at the same time? 

Introducing Gynze — an easy and convenient solution to help you maintain a healthy life! Just use an oil diffuser or massage the essential oil topically. It’s that simple!

What Is best about Gynze™?

Gynze™ is made of 100% pure and natural rhizome of the ginger plant!

Ginger has long been used in medical field, as well as culinary. It is often used as a seasoning for food due to its natural warm, spicy taste and minty, decent aroma. It also offers a variety of health benefits in the field of aromatherapy. Its main health properties of CAMPHENE which provides great antioxidants and has potent anti-inflammatory properties, helps to fight against inflammation, physically and mentally soothes our body.

Chemical-free and 100% natural, Gynze™ is guaranteed to be the solution that you need to improve your health!

Life-changing Benefits

· Anti-inflammation that helps to relieve pain, and sooth our body, as well as antioxidant that helps in recovery of damaged tissues in our body.

· Helpful in easing feelings of nausea, often used to treat symptoms such as motion sickness, dizziness and more.

· The peppery and minty scent of ginger helps to relieve blocking nose and sore throat, often used as flu and cough reliever.

· Effectively relieve stomach flatulence, improve appetite, and relieve stomach pain.

· Improve the functions and prevent certain sickness of digestive system.

How to Use

Directions to Use

  1. By Topical Massage:
Put a few drops of the essential oil on your fingertips
Gradually massage onto your temples, wrists, or neck or stomach for a few minutes.

2. By Diffusion:
Use 3 to 4 drops of the essential oil into a diffuser.

*NOTE: It is highly recommended to use Gynze™ either early in the morning prior to work or school, after a long day’s work for relaxation, or prior to bedtime.

Users Who Have Experienced Real Results

 I did not expect one tiny bottle of essential oil would be much useful, but now I'm addicted. I've always been looking for a solution for my constant nausea during my 3rd month's of pregnancy. I would feel hungry almost all the time but whenever I started eating, I would feel nausea and I would stop eating, after a couple of months, doctor advised me to eat more or else my baby would not grow. One day my husband bring me a bottle of ginger essential oil, and I tried to diffuse it in my room, since then started to feel better and less likely to get nausea, and I eat a lot. Now that my baby has been delivered, but I'm still using it. 

Ashley Johanson, CA

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 Many of my friends are essential oil enthusiasts and with their influences, I started to venture about this essential oil Gynze™. Before I use it all I can think about ginger is food and seasoning, but the idea of making it an essential oil is brilliant! Inhaling the oil gives us the same benefits of consuming it. Not only it is convenient, it is also very effective. I love Gynze™. 

Venessa hudson , NY

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 I have a very weak body immune system, and I would easily get sick since I was little. I often get flu, cough, and fever and I had to take a lot of medicines to keep me healthy. However, since I started using essential oil, everything changed. One of the essential oil I've been using is Gynze™. It is so amazing that it helps to ease the flu symptoms and I felt relieve and more energetic ever since I use it.  

Margeretjackson , va

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