GearUp™ Patella Protector

Outdoor enthusiasts! 

Pain Happens...

When doing any kind of outdoor activity such as basketball, hiking, baseball, running, cross-fit, soccer, golf, gym, tennis, walking, cycling and others are involving a great amount of pressure and stress on knee joint. It can be on your patella or your knee area. It can be from osteoarthritis or other kinds of diseases. And, this patella protector is perfect fit for any extreme activity.  

GearUp™ Patella Protector is recommended for kneecap protection - avoid injuries from sports, keep the knee warm and safe!

Crash-proof silicone pad protection

GearUp™ Patella Protector is more than just a compression sleeve.  It provided extra protection to the kneecap. The patella protector applies stable pressure across the knee joint. It is made up of breathable knitted fabrics which able to maintain the joint stability. In other words, this compression sleeve provides full support and comfort without limit man's mobility. 

The stabilizer bars and patella gel pad in this protector increases the stability and provides support to the knee for injury recovery and helps in pain relief. With wearing the GearUp™ Patella Protector, painfulness caused by Arthritis, Torn Meniscus, Swelling, Bursitis, Tendonitis, LCL, ACL, PCL, MCL injuries, and Post Surgery protection.

The patella protector is ideal for daily use since its fabric provides a smooth and soft feel, you will not feeling hot for wearing them all day long. Also, it prevents injuries and reduces inflammation. You are allowed to enjoy your favorite activities to the peak!

Let's gear up for

Patella Protector!

1. DOUBLE PROTECTION - Spring Support: Provide stronger support and less effort. Silicone Gasket: Large silicone pad for the entire knee, protection upgrade, more safe.

2. VERSATILE COMFORTABLE & PAIN RELIEF - Improves blood circulation and muscle exercise, stimulates blood flow to help in recovery from knee injuries, relieves pressure and reduces stress on knee joint during intense exercise.

3. 3D WEAVING - Dense stitching, long-wearing without deformation, high elastic comfort, 360 Degree muscle compression protection, ergonimically designed for enhancing the stability of knee.


* The effect is different from person to person

What Does Everyone Say About 

GearUp™ Patella Protector?


From New York


"Been using this knee support for 15 years since I had an ACL surgery. Without these I couldn’t have my game back at basketball. It’s very light & it gives the support i need. I just wish that there is a support for the meniscus & it’s gonna be perfect."

Sarah Fernandez

From Sweden


"This has helped my knee so much!!! Silicon patella surround is comfortable if kneeling. My knee is feeling so much better and less pain!! The support that it gives my knee is amazing! Very good stuff solid quality. It really provides good support for my knee. Thanks!!"

Michale Thomas

From Paris


"I'm an old overweight man with arthritic knees. This has really helped me walk normally instead of having to favor my knee. I've tried all kinds of copper compression sleeves and other but this has far and away been the best."

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