CobFlex™ Massage Insoles

To those who are sedentary, use to stand for long hours, or struggling in the issue of overweight

Both sedentary and standing for long hours cause poor circulation, which results in mental stress, emotional and overexertion. Back pain is the most common type of pain and affects eight out of ten people in their lifetime.

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in our body; it runs from the lower back through the hip and along our leg to our heel. When this nerve is pinched, it creates pain which contracts our muscles and inducing more pain– thus creating a vicious cycle. By inducing relaxation with CobFlex™ Massage Insoles, you can break this cycle, relieving any back pain almost instantly.

secret of longevity & young-looking

CobFlex™ Massage Insoles is a unique reflexology shoe insoles that massages your feet for every step you take. Our technology combines Ancient Chinese Reflexology and Acupressure Therapy to:  

  • Clear blockages in the meridians

  • Revitalize brain

  • Improve blood circulation (healthy cardiovascular function)

  • Remove negative mental blocks

  • Health-enhancing (weight loss, reduce stress, boost metabolism, reduction of fats and cholesterol)

This massage insoles are designed based on foot ergonomics, which has more than 20000 massage points and reflex points that break down the pressure of the body on the foot. By pressing on specific pressure points on feet, CobFlex™ Massage Insoles activates the acupoints along Governing Vessel meridian which is vital for empowering our brain, as well as memory performance.

application methods

1. Your shoe's current insoles are probably removable - take them out first.

2. Place the insoles into your shoes to test for size.

3. If required, trim along the outline (on the bottom or the top of the insole) until it matches your shoe size.

4. Insert the insole into your shoe with the toe's side first.

Noted: You are advised to use for 1 -2 hours only per day.

There may be a slight pain when you first use it. And, it can be trimmed to fit any shoes style and .

* Add socks and shorten the wearing time will help you feel better.

What Others are saying 


"The lower part is made of breathable material. The upper part is with pebbles. Silicone inserts are located according to acupressure points of the foot. The seller recommends using insoles 1-2 hours a day. After a little more than a week, i can note the positive effect on the body. My love for studs is still alive, so these insoles relieve tension from the feet after a hard day. I can recommend!"


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Help Boost My Metabolism!

"These are very comfortable to wear. I purchased a few pairs to have for multiple shoes and they work really well. They help with foot pain since I am a nurse and I m on my feet all they have helped align my chakras and helped boost my metabolism!"

Lydia Sampson, Luxembourg

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Expelling Toxins

"My wife purchased these for us and Im glad she did. The insoles have helped me slim down and get rid of toxins in the body. Very happy with our purchase."

Micheal Daniel, AUSTRALIA

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