The Key To Eternal Youth

Nowadays, many of us fall into the trap of not prioritizing skin care until it's too late, and it can be quite impossible for most of us to regain our skin's youthful glowwithout the right skin care.

So, why not boost your skin's nourishment and fight the signs of aging skin with an effective product that offers a powerful dose of active ingredients and nutrients that nourish in the most convenient and natural way?

Beeveira™ is a facial serum that not only prevents the onset of skin degeneration, but also effectively helps to reverse the effects of aging in a short amount of time.

beeveira™: Brighten Your Days With Youthful Skin

Beeveira™ is packed with powerful bee by-products and the most potent anti-aging compound, which is melittin. This 26 amino acid polypeptide can penetrate the skin's surface and interact with damaged cellular components to effectively lift sagging skin, stimulate collagen, reduce wrinkles and fine lines - all while providing protection from harmful UV rays and free radicals.

Manuka honey is a well-known moisturizing humectant that combats oxidative damage by binding water to the skin to keep it hydrated, eliminate dryness and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also soothe and nourish the skin, keeping it smooth and supple.

Bee venom, on the other hand, is popular for its property which gives our skin a visible glow, increase in collagen and elastin that plumps up the skin, giving it a permanently toned and radiant appearance.

Benefits of beeveira™

· Reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and fights against premature aging

· Protects the skin against free radicals and harmful UV rays

· Non-irritating and soothing for sensitive skin

· Makes skin looks fresher, plumper and younger

· Brightens the skin and reduces imperfections

· Deeply moisturizes the skin

How to Use

Directions to Use

  1. Cleanse and tone your face before applying Beeveira™ serum on your skin. 
  2. Apply 2 pea-sized pumps or 3-4 drops of serum onto your face and evenly spread it over the whole face.
  3.  Massage gently until the serum is fully absorbed.
  4.  Follow up with moisturizer or take the next step in your regular skin care routine.
  5.  Apply once or twice a day depends on your need, preferable morning and evening.

*NOTE: Always perform a patch test to assess the risk of allergic reactions. If no side effects occur, apply the product to the face. Stop using if rashes, redness or any form of skin irritation occurs.
For best results, use 3 bottles as a complete treatment.

Users Who Have Experienced Real Results

 I'm 37 years old, but look like a 45-50 years old lady. I did not take care of my appearance and I regretted. I've been dedicated to my work all the time, all the work stress and overtime works had my skin condition downhill. Luckily my friend introduced me the Beeveira. I've been using it for 2 months and my skin looks totally different now. Now I no longer need to compromise my beauty to my work thanks to Beeveira. 

Marie johnson, UK

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 My husband started to give me cold-shoulder when I turned 45. I've been sacrificing my time for the family, houseworks and kids and I got no time to fix my look and I looked haggard and old. By chance I got to join the clinical trial of Beeveira, and the result was astonishing. The clinical test was ran for 3 months and in 3 months time, I changed from a 45 who looks like a 55, to a 45 who looks like a 30's. My husband no longer treat me cold and he would buy me Beeveira whenever I finished them. 


✔  Verified Purchase

 I recently noticed a loss of tone in my face and started to worry because I just turned 30. I have tried several products, but none of them I have tried before can come close to this one! Beeveira goes on my skin so gently, and my skin can absorb it very quickly. There is not the slightest smell once applied and honestly, in just a week, I could start to see a change in my skin for the better. It was a very pleasant surprise. I am so happy! Girls, this is a must have skin care product. 

claire copperfield, VA

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